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Pumpkin, Fire, Coral, and Marmalade, although all wildly different, they have one common quality… their orange colour. Specifically Burnt orange, which is midway between yellow, red and brown, this medium orange is the perfect hue to spice up a room. This extravagant orange is ideal for the creative, cozy, daring, retro or modern type of home. This versatile colour is often overlooked, which is what makes it such a unique and memorable touch to a home. Peter Green will show you how to use burnt orange in a distinct way, that will set your home apart.

Burnt orange is often used as an accent colour, in interior decor. The vibrancy of the hue can be used to brighten up a room which lacks natural daylight and adds visual warmth and contrast to a cool space filled with blues and greys. This spicy shade can be used to ‘wow’ your guests in a hallway or create a regal and luxurious atmosphere alongside red hues. Burnt orange can also be used to refresh the popular all white spaces.

This rich shade of medium orange got the name Burnt orange in 1915 and was a very popular colour at the time it was one of the eight accent colours used during the 1915 San Francisco World’s fair, and since then has been known as an adventurous accent colour in many homes. Burnt orange was extremely popular in the 1970s when bold, earthy tones were used throughout the home for a grounded vibe. This medium orange hue has been a classic for warm, autumnal shades throughout the ages. In 2018 striking colours, in the home, are on trend. Almost everywhere you look vibrant hues, like Burnt orange are making spaces pop, from farmhouse to glam, bright colours are catching everyone’s attention.

Burnt orange is a statement. We want our homes, and the pieces we choose to decorate with, to tell a story about who we are to our guests, as well as create an enjoyable environment for ourselves and family. Burnt orange is not only youthful, warm, refreshing, and comfortable, it is also known to encourage social interaction, as well as stimulate the appetite, which is perfect for most living spaces. Burnt orange is also revitalizing, sleek, and positive, and the perfect way to rejuvenate a space, without having to do much.

So how do you use this adventurous colour to revamp a space? Colour theory plays an important part here, while orange can be used in almost any colour palette, it tends to look cozy with neutrals, such as beige, brown, black, or white. Add striking contrast to a space by using Burnt orange against a blue or green palette, or use complementary colours such as reds, yellows, and violets for a memorable warm look. Or maybe you like monochromatic palettes, in that case Burnt orange could be used with lighter and darker shades of orange for a sleek uniform colour palette. When Choosing a colour palette it is best to pick 3-5 colours to use in a room, it might feel a bit limiting but with all the different shades you can use within those 3-5 colours the combinations are almost endless. Sticking to a few colours will allow for a more polished and professionally designed look.

Burnt orange is best used through statement accessory pieces such as accent chairs, throw pillows, lamps, clocks, and carpets all available at Peter Green. If you're really feeling creative, you could also paint or wallpaper an accent wall to create the perfect back drop or centrepiece for your new Burnt orange accessories from Peter Green!

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Bed month editorial for The News Portsmouth

Date added: 12/10/2018 Seven Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

1. Healthy Immune System - Lack of sleep can increase your likeliness to catch a virus and affect how quickly you recover from an illness. Stay healthy through the flu season by making sure to get a full 8 hours.

2. Improve Memory- A good nights sleep allows the brain to retain and process memories and skills we learned throughout the day. Healthy sleep improves mental clarity, alertness, and helps to strengthen memories.

3. Soothe Inflammation- Poor sleep,either too few or too many hours, can lead to inflammation, caused by immune system suppression.

4. Improve skin health - Beauty sleep is real, a good nights rest can improve cell restoration causing less wrinkles, and less blemish.

5. Keeps you at a healthy weight- Sleeping for less than 8 hours a night can lead to increased appetite and hunger, causing one to turn to calorie dense foods to stay awake.

6. Reduces Stress- While stress can make getting a good nights sleep difficult, it is a wonderful way to manage stress. Stress and poor sleep increases cortisol which raises alertness and blood pressure. Healthy sleep can regulate cortisol and help with problem solving and mental clarity, in turn reducing stress.

7. Boosts Mood- Poor sleep puts one at risk for emotional difficulties or depression, because lack of sleep does not allow the mind to properly process negative emotions.

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