Woodpecker Flooring

14th January 2024

Woodpecker Flooring

Buying a new solid oak floor is a big decision but it may just well be one of the best investments you have ever made. 

Although solid wood is not ideal for every room in the house… for example you might not want to put it in an area which routinely gets wet, such as a bathroom or toilet…it is however a great choice for your kitchen, living area, dining room, hallways and bedrooms.

Solid oak floors are warm and inviting and easy on your health because they give off less emissions than other types of flooring. Solid oak floors are a little softer under foot than other forms of hard flooring and they retain heat so you won’t be getting cold feet!

Your solid oak floor will last you a lifetime (or more) mainly because it is a material that can be easily repaired. A wood floor can be sanded and re-stained when it gets damaged or shows signs of wear. Remember if you have your solid wood floor completely refinished you don’t have to stick with the same colour, but you can have it re-stained in any colour you desire to give your home a brand new look!

Solid oak planks come in many finishes from a dark antique look to a light blonde. The planks can be laid all in one size or in random sizes to give a more traditional feel. They need not be fitted end to end, but can be placed in various patterns such as herringbone, chevron or basket weave to name just a few. Borders can be added too, in contrasting colours or with brass spacers to add some drama.

As solid oak is a natural material each plank will vary just slightly in tone, patterning, and knotting. In the more rustic ranges the wood is sawn more roughly and the knots will be more evident to achieve the ‘old world’ look you are looking for. In more modern ranges the wood is ‘brushed’ to look silky smooth. To protect, the wood is then treated with a matte lacquerer or oil, after which, all it needs is to be cleaned with a well wrung out mop using just water no chemicals.


One of the beauties of natural solid oak is that it will grow with you. As it matures it will darken slightly and the colour will deepen and mellow and look fabulous for decades. Wood floors exude personality as no two floors will look the same!

Choosing a solid oak floor with character and texture that can hide blemishes is among the top options for pet owners and people with young children. This is because wood floors have good traction, provide a healthy breathing environment, can be cleaned easily, are more forgiving in falls (compared to other types of hard floors), is warm to touch and easily repaired in case of scratches.

Solid oak floors with area rugs look spectacular. It is a timeless look that has never really gone out of fashion and suits both modern and traditional homes. If you are seeking a floor covering that will last you a lifetime both in terms of durability and style then look no further…solid oak is definitely for you!

Peter Green is here to help you every step of the way in your journey to find the perfect floor! We would love to help you explore the idea of a solid wood floor and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all types flooring and carpeting for your situation. 

Come in and visit our massive solid oak Woodpecker Studio let us show you why solid oak might just be the thing for your home!

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Posted by Wendy Martin
14th January 2024

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