Why the best time to buy furniture is NOW

5th January 2024

Why the best time to buy furniture is now?


It often can be tough to find furniture and flooring that suits both your style and budget particularly in today’s economic climate. One rule of thumb that some people use is to avoid paying full price for anything! This way you can obtain the top quality pieces you want at a price that is affordable to you. 


If this idea appeals to you then it means that you should be busy scouting out the good deals right now, in the winter sales. This is the time when retailers are discounting last year’s stock to make room for the new styles. 


Most of the furniture industry operates on a regular twice yearly schedule. New products are introduced to the shop floor in the Spring and the Autumn, which means the best time of year to buy indoor furniture is in Winter (January and February) and in the Summer (July and August).


To make sure that this strategy works for you, you must stay focused and level headed while shopping. Make sure that you don’t get swayed into buying items just because they are ‘on sale’ or at an incredible discount.  


Take your time. Make a list and bring measurements and photographs with you. Work out your budget beforehand.

These are all things that you need do before you hit the sales.


When you go shopping bring reference materials on your phone, tablet or pictures as a reminder of the kind of furniture and flooring and colours and styles that you are looking for. Bring measurements of the space where your furniture will go… and also, don’t forget to measure all doorways and passageways leading to that space as your retailer will need this information when you place your order. When purchasing flooring bring a hand drawn plan with the measurements and indicate any irregularities in the room. Take your measurements with a metal tape as cloth or plastic tapes are prone to warping.


When you get to the stores look for top brands, solidly made furniture, durable fabrics and timeless designs. Whenever possible choose solid wood and good veneers over plastics, natural fibres over synthetics, classic styles over the latest fads and fashions and go for a neutral pallet. This way your carefully chosen bargains will serve you well for a very long time. 


We hope this advice will help you in your New Year’s hunt for the “perfect pieces’ to compliment your home. And don’t forget that the Peter Green Biggest Sale of the year is on right now!


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5th January 2024

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