Wool Carpet

Wool carpet is an excellent choice for many homeowners, the slightly higher price point compared to synthetic carpeting is massively outweighed by the benefits offered by wool carpets. Wool is a great insulator and as such retains warmth and reduces noise, adding cosiness to your home. It has the added benefit of absorbing and releasing moisture in a controlled manner which also helps to regulate the humidity of your rooms. Wool is a safer carpet option, with natural flame retardant qualities that prevent it from catching fire, melting or giving off toxic gasses in the way that manmade fibres do. Wool is a great option for allergy sufferers as it helps to cleanse the air of dust, airborne allergens and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Visit our flooring shop in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire to browse our collection of wool carpets.

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Advantages of wool carpet…

Wool carpet is a natural product, it is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable which is important to our environmentally conscious customers. They are a healthy choice for your home that combines both durability with style.

A key advantage is wool’s ability to repel grime and its opaque nature also makes surface dirt less visible. The robustness and elasticity of the wool fibres make it a durable choice. If cared for properly your carpet will maintain its beauty with the heaviest foot-traffic for many years to come.

If you do choose a pure wool carpet from our extensive collection, it is worth considering adding Staingard Protection for five years peace of mind; this process coats the fibres in a water soluble treatment to add an extra layer of protection against spillages and stains. Our carpets are not available for online sale, so visit us in-store.

Helping You Find The Perfect Wool Carpet In Hampshire

At Peter Green we can supply you with the perfect carpet for your living situation, one that will suit your style and enhances your living space. Our huge quality carpet collection includes every shade of carpet from red and orange through to grey wool carpet and every design and texture from wool twist carpet, tartan and striped carpeting. Our flooring consultants are here to help you online via live chat and in-store. We are passionate about helping our customers to find the best wool carpets through our friendly consultative approach.

Expert Carpet Fitting

Our wool carpets are delivered and fitted by our expert fitting team. We won’t compromise on anything but the very best for our customers so you will be greeted by a friendly member of the Peter Green family when your wool carpet arrives.