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1st November 2022

What’s Happening in 2022 with Commercial Interiors!

The world of Commercial Interior Design has been revolutionized in the last few years, most notably in response to world events. Our response to the Pandemic, increased concerns for the environment having reconnected with the outdoors and advancements in the use of technologies during this time period have produced exciting changes to how we view Commercial Interiors. We are now seeing new trends across the whole of the spectrum of retail, offices, hotels, education and care facilities.


Hats off to Tech Integration

Technology has popped up in all sorts of ways and in unexpected spaces in the last few years. Tablets and I Pads are regularly being used in hospitality and retail outlets to make for fast ordering, easy check outs and with the boom in the use of QR codes in all sectors customers are often expected to use their phone.

Even in educational facilities students of all ages are using tablets more and more for class activities. More devices equals the need for more charging stations which has become one of the biggest trends now in room design.

In the furniture industry we are seeing is a huge uptick in the demand for furniture with electrical outlets, as well as usb ports and wireless charging pads. Paying attention to providing opportunities for customers, employees and students to charge their devices quickly is a must in any space these days. Almost all industries are now making tables, coffee tables, and cabinets with charging capabilities making these one of the hottest items in Commercial Interior Design for 2022.


The cosiness of home away from home 

Many people who are returning back to their workspaces or back to frequent travel are finding themselves missing that cosiness of their home. This has led many of today’s designers to incorporate unexpected but welcome touches of home into their commercial space designs. These elements provide not only eye-catching perks for staff or guests, it has been found that these homey elements really help to increase both productivity of staff and customer enjoyment. Including domestic armchairs, sofas, area rugs, Lamps and accessories that look more like those that you might find produced for domestic use.  These can all provide a softer look. Plump for ‘pieces’ of furniture as opposed to fitted items, softer window treatments and area lighting rather than central lights. Deliberately mismatch rather than match. Increasingly, in offices to restaurants to accommodation, we are seeing designers choosing a more eclectic look particularly for hotel rooms, and much cosier set ups for meeting rooms, offices and care facilities. Basically, cosiness is in, and traditional commercial design is out!

A sense of sustainability

Many companies are pledging to make either more sustainable or more eco-friendly choices when it comes to their interiors.

Something we are seeing a lot of lately is a trend towards Commercial customers showing interest in furnishings that are healthier to live around and brands who have made attempts to lower their environmental impact.

Choosing furniture and flooring that has been sourced responsibly and made to last, as well as incorporating natural fibres and materials is becoming increasingly important to companies who really want to make an impact on not only the environment, but on the health and well being of staff, clients and customers.

One of the most interesting design ideas we have seen coming from the sustainability movement is the increased use of plants in commercial spaces spanning from living walls to huge central indoor trees, providing a stunning local point but at the same time improving the air quality and adding tranquility to the setting which can only benefit both employees and guests.


Telling a story


The Interior Design world is going through a fantastically creative period right now and many designers are harnessing this energy to help tell the story of their client’s company. Businesses are realising that their public spaces should not only be functional but they are also an ideal way to visually represent who they are as a brand. Near identical ‘cookie cutter’ spaces are becoming a thing of the past as companies look for that ‘difference’ in their appearance that will help their clients, guests, and staff have an understanding of what they do, what they stand for, and who they are. 


What we can do for you

The Peter Green Commercial Team will work with you to find the furniture and flooring you need to help you achieve your interior design and flooring goals, be it the inclusion of technology, sustainability, telling a story or making your place more like home. Of course you could opt for all of those and we could help you to do that too!

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Posted by Wendy Martin
1st November 2022

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