Stainfree carpet

Stainfree carpets and 80/20 carpets are a great option when you have a lower budget and a house filled with kids and pets. They are also known as synthetic carpets. Although synthetic fibres such as nylon and polypropylene do not repel and hide dirt in the same way that wool does, they are still stain-resistant making this a good choice for a busy home. Man made carpets are easy to clean with common spot cleaning products and are often hard wearing. Stainfree carpets are manufactured in Britain using the latest no-stain technology which prevents food and drink spillages from entering the pile fibre, making quick cleaning easy. Browse our collection of stainfree carpets and 80/20 carpets in-store.

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Advantages Of Stainfree And 80/20 Carpet…

Not all synthetic fibres are the same and some are more durable than others so you must take care in your choice and talk to one of our flooring experts before you buy. If you don’t like the feel of synthetic carpets but don’t want the expense of pure wool, then you may want to consider a wool mix bringing you the warmth and charm of natural fibres and the resilience to stain and wear of synthetic yarns.

Stainfree and 80/20 Carpet

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Stainfree Carpet And 80/20 Carpet In Hampshire

If you are looking for stainfree carpet and 80/20 carpet for your Hampshire home or office look no further than Peter Green. We can help you bring this durable and stain resistant carpeting option into your home or office with our stainfree carpet collections. Choosing 80/20 carpet with a wool mix is a smart heavy-duty option for heavy use.

Helping You Find The Perfect Stainfree And 80/20 Carpet

At Peter Green we want you to have the perfect stainfree carpet and 80/20 carpet for your home or office. Our stainfree and 80/20 carpet collections include Saxony, Roma and Satin touch. Our experienced flooring consultants are here to help you online via live chat and in-store. We are passionate about helping our customers to find great stain free carpet using our experience and knowledge. Book your free flooring consultation online.

Expert Carpet Fitting

Stainfree carpet and 80/20 carpet is delivered and fitted by our expert fitting team. We won’t compromise on anything but the very best for our customers so you will be greeted by a friendly member of the Peter Green family when your carpet arrives.