Spicing Up the Boudoir…With a Look You Will Love!

14th February 2022

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air again… 

At Peter Green we want you to be head over heels for your bedroom. Let us show you what you can do to refresh your room and how to make it a cosy sanctuary for you and your romantic partner. 

To our mind there is nothing more irresistible than sumptuous padded and upholstered headboard, in a soft, vibrant velvet or satin look. The texture will add passion and comfort to your bedroom. A new headboard will change the look and feel of your room completely, making it an attractive place where you will want to linger. Headboards come in all manner of styles… you can choose from rustic to glam… rustic headboards may feature wood with dreamy soft linen upholstery, contemporary headboards come in sleek lines with cosy padded faux leather, whereas a glam headboard may feature luxurious tufted velvet. Go for a warm colour palette like violet (think Elizabeth Taylor), pink (Lady Gaga) or red (Marylin Monroe)!

But what about the bed? It is hard to be romantic when your back is aching or you are sleep deprived because of a bad mattress…. and a bed with squeaking springs or groaning joints is a definite passion killer. Maybe it’s time for you to get a new bed? Don’t be shy when you shop for a bed …take your shoes and jacket off, relax and try the bed out in the store. Don’t just lie on your back as if you are in a coffin…move around, assume your favourite sleeping positions and don’t forget to take your sleeping partner… it’s important that you both try the bed out together and get the one you both desire!

It’s difficult to be in the mood when the bedroom is a mess, so maybe you should consider a divan with storage underneath to keep things out of sight or a storage ottoman for the end of the bed.  Some people however adore the airiness of a metal bed frames with nothing underneath, they give a clean classic look, and they certainly are a fabulously understated way to give your room romantic chemistry…adding a little Butch Cassidy!

You can spruce up your bedroom by adding cushions, and layers of textured satin quilts and fur throws a la Barbara Cartland.  This would be a quick way to refresh your room. Add a little sparkly liquid art on the walls and you are all set just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Curtains will completely change the look of your bedroom by adding a back drop for your decor, and they add warmth. The whole effect makes the room more cosy and intimate. Net curtains or tasteful muslin hung behind the headboard can add touch of Hemingway! Rugs on the floor also add a touch of softness and excitement to the room and the tactility of a gorgeous shag pile carpet can be a toe curling experience. And don’t forget the lighting. Dimmer switches and lamps can dramatically change the mood.  Choose bulbs that give off a warm light and use warm coloured shades to give your room that extra glow. Scented candles will also an air of romance!

So now you have it… there is no excuse not to ignite your passion in your bedroom this Valentine’s Day. 

Oh, and don’t forget the flowers!!

14th February 2022

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