Something to Meditate On!

22nd February 2022

With all the worries of the outside world, many people are looking for ways to relax and unwind at home. In recent times our homes have become sanctuaries, safe, secure and comfortable. Maybe you have challenged yourself to add a new ‘good habit’ this year to help regulate the stresses of daily life? Whether you meditate, practice breath-work, enjoy quiet time or journaling, read or listen to music to help you decompress the goals are the same… to bring a little tranquility into your world.

The key to building consistent relaxation patterns is to define a space for the new practice. Creating a dedicated ‘spot’ for relaxation helps you to start and build a life-lasting habit.  

Using a specific chair for your meditation or relaxation is a good idea and a simple solution that won’t require a whole room dedicated to decompression. It will also work as a visual reminder for your practice. It can create a tiny sanctuary of your own within your home and help you fall into the rhythm of your daily relaxation practice.

Many people, when starting the journey of daily meditation, struggle in the first few weeks or months with distraction. Discomfort can be one of the largest culprits and can hinder your habit building. A chair that fits you perfectly is all important as it will allow you to stay focused on the task. 

Having proper alignment in your spinal posture is hugely important for whatever kind of relaxation you are practicing and although it is true that the journey is one of the mind, your body and posture are an all-important ingredient when you are trying to relax. The aim is to achieve a balance of mind and body. 

A Stressless recliner would help you do just that because Stressless makes each of its chairs in three sizes… small, medium and large… so you can be certain that you will find the chair that fits you perfectly! Stressless also recognizes the importance of seat height and length as well as the height of the chair back and they recognize that it should match your own frame. The success of the Stressless chair is its ability to glide effortlessly using body weight alone… into the ideal resting position for every muscle group, including your head, neck and lumbar regions. Giving you that perfect spinal alignment every time. This Norwegian brand prides itself on design, craftsmanship and attention to detail, by combining furniture building processes passed down from years ago with top of the line technological advancements. They engineer their luxury recliners to provide a beautiful fit to the human body. These stunning modern recliners are not just all about function… available in many styles and levels of support they will also add a touch of contemporary Nordic beauty to your home.

Using a chair for a meditation space also increases accessibility for those who have injuries, limited flexibility or mobility issues, or anyone who finds sitting on the floor or in certain positions difficult… and daily meditation and relaxation has been shown to be extremely beneficial to those with health issues.

So, why not consider taking your relaxation journey in a stunning Stressless recliner and add a little calm into your busy life? 

22nd February 2022

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