Retail Furniture - Tips for Shopping the Sales

16th April 2023

Buying furniture in a sale can be nerve wracking.

"Will it last? Will it be hard to take care of? How much should I spend? What style/colour should I buy? Am I just buying out because it is discounted?"


Take a long hard look at what you gathered in your home over the years… is your preferred style casual with comfy-looking furnishings and plenty of earth tones; are you the contemporary sort who favours metal, glass or leather with clean lines; do you fall into the country category with soft florals and painted woods; or are you more traditional favouring antiques, dark woods with splashes of damask and chintz? Maybe your style is eclectic with a little of everything… and that is okay because remember that you’re the one who has to enjoy your surroundings.


Take stock of what you have?


Unless you are lucky enough to go for a whole new look and replace everything all at the same time you will probably have to take into account what existing furniture you already have. Think about how your old furniture and floors will look up against something new? Don’t feel too dismayed if you can’t replace everything at once because it is nice to keep some old favourites throughout the years, after all that’s what makes a home!


Measure twice order once!


Make a diagram and take measurements of the room that you’re planning to furnish. You don’t want to have to return furniture because it is the wrong size. Furniture that is too big can dominate a room and make it look small and furniture that is too small can look out of place in a big space. Measure the doorways too, because remember your furniture has to fit through the door in order to get it into the room.


Look at your lifestyle!


Be honest with yourself when you look at the way you live and who lives in the home with you. If you have a big white fluffy cat then don’t pick a midnight blue sofa. If you have a drooling Saint Bernard you better steer clear of that pale pink linen chaise. Toddlers with chocolate covered hands can ruin a pair of cream silk curtains in seconds and a white wool carpet can be marked for life in a house of people who don’t take their shoes off when they come in from the garden. When you go shopping be honest with the sales consultant about your living situation, they will be more than happy to help you buy the right product.


What’s your price?


Before you even go shopping decide how much you have to spend. If you get to the store and the items you need are more than you imagined then don’t be tempted to buy cheap, because you will only be back at the store in a couple of years. Remember your plan is to build your collection slowly because you have a goal in mind.


Refuse to be rushed?


Don’t let an eager salesperson rush you into a quick decision. If you feel uncomfortable walk away, go home and think on it. It’s a big expense and any salesperson who does not understand that is not really trying to help you at all. Visit another store, take photos, and show a friend whose opinion you value. Ask yourself…Will it last? Will it be hard to take care of? Will it fit in? Is it me? If it ticks all the boxes, then go back to the store when you feel fresh… if you still absolutely love it then snap it up!

Was £399.00 Now £299.00

from £636.00

from £198.00

from £198.00

Posted by Wendy Martin
16th April 2023

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