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28th June 2023

Handmade in Sweden Since 1851


Peter Green Furniture and Flooring works very hard to make sure that our sales consultants have thorough and up-to date information on each of our products so they are able to guide you to make the right choices when you come to us to purchase your furniture and flooring.

Sometimes the manufacturers come to our Chandlers Ford Store to provide demonstrations and information about their products and other times we send out Sales Consultants to the manufacturers so that they can see the materials ’inside’ the products we sell and understand how they are crafted.

Mattsons handmade beds are new on the UK market, and we are one of the few stores where you can view and purchase these wonderful beds. To help understand how these beds are made and why they are so superior we sent two of our bed specialists Robert Grant and Nigel-Weston Davis to their Swedish factory.

 Mattsons Has a Six Generation History

The family business was started in 1851 with Isak Mattson setting up a sawmill on the family estate, Österkvarn, in Malmbäck Småland, an area of Sweden that has been associated with fine furniture making for centuries.

Today, Tomas Anders and Oscar Mattson represent the fifth and sixth generation of this family of bedmakers in a company that started in 1851. They take personal responsibility for every single bed leaving their Swedish factory. 


Every Part is Made in Sweden using the finest materials which are guaranteed for an incredible 20 years, every attention is paid to detail on a Mattsons bed. In the cutting room the fabric is cut and laid to rest for 24 hours before it is cut again ready for sewing.


The Tagel Kuvert Top Mattress is the same as the original mattress with one big difference being the cotton stretch fabric used to make the top mattress even more pliant and luxurious. Layers of cotton, wool and curled horsehair and tufted by hand. All beds are entirely hand made by skilled craftsmen, not machines - this hand tufted topper alone will take up to 4 hours to complete using 100% cotton tufts. 

Headboards are constructed from slow grown pine taking into consideration the way pine grows so that every forest can regenerate... a passion for nature. Every wooden frame and headboard is FSC certified and can be traced back to their origin. The coconut fibre also known as coir comes from the inner husk of coconuts and is dust mite resistant. This is used as a substitute to foam and is used in headboards as well as mattress, in a mattress this creates a straight firm edge. In the headboard department the typical headboard takes up to 5 hours to complete using natural coconut coir padding instead of manmade foam.


The wooden frames for Mattsons beds make each bed stable and strong and are made from pine trees from Sweden's northern forest. These grow at a slow pace which improves their robustness. All wood used in a Mattsons is FSC certified and can be traced back to their origin and using pine that is harvested using methods to maintain the biodiversity of the forest, along with its productivity and ecological process. All bed frames come with 25 years warranty.

Mattsons bed frames are made from thicker than usual 16cm sustainably sourced, slow grown, Swedish Pine - producing a very stable base with added leg supports for strength. 

The Mattsons springs provide support and relive pressure without making a sound. They align your body in an optimal position. Each Mattsons bed comes with at least two spring systems working in tandem. As these springs work together, the bed aligns with your body’s shape to provide maximum support.

A Mattsons Pocket Bed Base is constructed from 9cm Swedish Tempered Pocket Springs with reinforced corners with coconut coir and flax filling. Each bed comes with at least 2 spring systems working in tandem providing support and pressure relief while aligning your body. 

Designed for the ultimate comfort, the Flagship model of the Mattsons collection the BLK VLVT, is an expression of absolute elegance, and experience of luxury without compromise to design, materials, and production time. The BLK VLVT could take 40 hours to construct. 

Nigel and Robert enjoyed their informative trip to the Mattsons Factory and the company’s hospitality which included some locally sourced food and even a picnic.

Robert commented..." that it was the most peaceful factory I have ever visited, it was lacking the usual background machinery noise." 

Nigel remarked that the "factory was surprisingly small and intimate!"






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Posted by Wendy Martin
28th June 2023

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