Modern, attractive bedroom and storage space solutions that are designed and made in Germany, perfectly match your personal style, and are still affordable - this is what Rauch has stood for since 1897. Bedroom furniture created to excellent standards of quality and sustainability – in other words, environmentally friendly products that are the key to creating a healthy living space: it is simply "A Clever Choice in Furniture".

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Clever storage solutions...

Besides a cosy bed, a wardrobe is the most essential element in a bedroom. Whether wardrobes with classic hinged doors, or space-saving sliding doors, or a separate room used as a walk-in wardrobe - our selection is huge and naturally adapts to your needs and your budget. Design your own wardrobe and make it your personal storage space. Mirrors together with materials like glass, high gloss, wooden finish or different colours schemes - the options to design the cabinet body and front are manifold. With clever accessories that exactly match your needs, there are amazingly practical solutions available to furnish the interior: clothes lifts, trouser racks, pivoted lights and mesh baskets to name just a few.