Made with Love!

6th November 2023

Made with Love!

We all love Ercol furniture but did you know that the roots of this fantastic British Furniture Brand is based on the Windsor Chair?

In 1907  young cabinet maker Lucian Ercolani moved to High Wycombe - the home of the Windsor Chair. 

 Centered in the forests and villages around High Wycombe the production of this traditional chair involved three types of craftsmen.

 The 'bodger' worked in the woods turning the legs and stretchers on a pole lathe, while the 'benchman' worked in a village workshop and produced the solid wood seats and  backsplats. Then the framer gathered together all the parts and assembled them into the finished chair.

Lucian Ercolani's principal interest was in the way that laminated wood could be bent using steam to produce the characteristic ‘bow’ of  todays Windsor Chair. Absorbing the methods of these craftsmen he set up his own factory in 1920, where all of these processes could be gathered together under one roof. 

In 1946, Ercol won a spot in the 'Britain Can Make It Festival,' with their Windsor Collection. The collection  blossomed in the nineteen fifties to include loveseats, tables, arm chairs and beds and became a much loved part of the British Furniture Landscape.

In 1956 - the same year Peter Green opened its doors - Lucian Ercolani designed the iconic and award winning Studio Couch. Functioning both as a large sofa and an occasional single bed for guests it featured the characteristic steam bent arms and back crafted from solid elm and beech.

Now based Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, the Ercol factory combines the very latest technology with time-honoured craftsmanship to create a range of unique furniture. Their beautiful factory has won a number of awards for its architectural design and environmental features.

Design and craftsmanship have always been at the heart of Ercol ethos. Their collections are constantly evolving and modernising to reflect today's lifestyle but even with all these changes you can still see the beautiful simplicity of the original High Wycombe furniture makers.

Of course the Ercol collection is quite extensive today but the original and much loved ‘retro’ designs based on the classic Windsor are still are still available today with an exciting modern new twist!

101 years from their beginning, Ercol are still at the top of the UK Furniture Bestsellers list... and we ourselves, at Peter Green, are very proud of our sixty seven year relationship with the Ercol Company and consequently have one of the largest Ercol studios in the South of England.

Drop by and see our Ercol Studio and see their modern collections!

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6th November 2023

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