Dunlopillo Go

Three Dunlopillo GO mattresses have been developed; Energise, Exceed and Excel, in order to offer you a energising sleep. Each with a different feel and in a range of sizes to ensure there’s a perfect model to suit you and your unique body. The deep layer of latex that features in the Dunlopillo GO mattress uses an open-cell structure, developed from millions of interconnecting microscopic air bubbles. This type of production promotes air circulation, keeping you and your mattress at a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the night. 

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Sanctuary from your busy life…

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, have a stressful job, or just want a natural energy boost, Dunlopillo GO’s advanced sleep system ensures you always wake up feeling refreshed and energised. Muscles are the engine the body uses to propel itself, they need time to restore and re-energise. There are 650 skeletal muscles in the human body.  The supportive nature of Dunlopillo latex relieves tension in these muscles, relaxing them so you sleep better.