Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is made from a giant grass and its long fibrous stems can be harvested and manufactured into beautifully grained floorboards with the tensile strength of steel. Buying bamboo will allow you to choose from a multitude of finishes from dark espressos to bright honey coloured natural bamboo. Bamboo is an almost unbeatable choice when it comes to durability. It is hard wearing, water resistant and resilient to seasonal expansions. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable material and can regenerate in 5 years compare that to 30 to 40 years for most hard woods, this makes it an excellent eco-conscious choice. Browse our collection of eco-friendly bamboo flooring in-store.

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How Is Bamboo Flooring Made?

There are two techniques that are used to turn bamboo into bamboo floor boards. One is to laminate strips of bamboo together forming solid boards. The other process is called strand weaving, where bamboo fibres are bound together and compressed to form boards with the tensile strength of steel. Like other wood flooring materials, bamboo also has high moisture resistance as long as water isn’t allowed to settle on the surface for hours. Bamboo flooring is resistant to changes in humidity levels; therefore, it doesn’t shrink and expand seasonally as with other hardwood flooring.

Bamboo Flooring In Hampshire

If you are looking for bamboo flooring for your Hampshire home or office look no further than Peter Green. We can help you bring this strong and eco-friendly flooring option into your home or office with our extensive collections. Choosing bamboo wood flooring will add a luxurious and stylish finish to each room that you introduce it to.

Helping You Find The Perfect Bamboo Flooring

At Peter Green we want you to have the perfect bamboo wood flooring for your home or office. Our collections includes natural, coffee, white wash and saddle finishes. Our experienced flooring consultants are here to help you online via live chat and in-store. We are passionate about helping our customers to find great bamboo wood flooring for your kitchen and bathroom using our experience and knowledge. Book your free flooring consultation online.

Expert Bamboo Wood Flooring Fitting

Bamboo flooring is delivered and fitted by our expert fitting team. We won’t compromise on anything but the very best for our customers so you will be greeted by a friendly member of the Peter Green family when your flooring arrives.