Flooring slip-ups!

One of the main causes of these accidents can be the floors themselves… uneven floor surfaces, unsuitable floor coverings and wet slippery floors, compounded with poor lighting, poor house keeping practices, trailing wires and changes in floor levels all add up to an accident just waiting to happen.


Certain industries are more vulnerable than others to these kinds of accidents and they in particular should pay attention to the flooring they choose, to lessen the chance of a bad accident happening on their premises.  If you are working with wet materials, or there is a high chance of drips and spillages you will need to consider non-slip flooring in order to prevent accidents occurring with employees, customers or patients. Non-slip flooring will go a huge way to preventing these kinds of accidents, especially in a damp climate like the UK where the risk of a fall increases with wet being tracked in from outside. It is well to note that installing non slip flooring in some industries is in fact required now by law.


Flooring materials are rated by their resistance to slipping. This is called an ‘R’ rating because the testing takes place on a testing RAMP with oil applied to set up a slippery situation.


It is important to ask about the R rating of the flooring you are offered for your premises. R ratings range from 9 to 13 (not 1 to 13 as many assume) with R9 being the lowest rating and R13 the highest.


Carpeting is by its nature non-slip but it is not such a good choice for a floor that needs to be kept clean as it can harbour dirt and pests. Everyone knows that slips, trips and falls can be some of the most dangerous and costly injuries that a business owner can experience and these types of accidents are to be avoided at all costs.

Cork and bamboo are a couple of natural materials that are less prone to slippages and Marmoleum is also popular with those who want to stick with an eco-friendly product.

But the true leaders in the non-slip world are the vinyls.


When you are choosing your non-slip flooring you also need to consider how easy it would be for a person with a cane, walker frame, or wheelchair to move over it. Would it add too much traction or resistance? How comfortable is it underfoot? Is there any cushioning? A really hard floor is tiring on the feet all day and can cause more serious injuries if there does happen to be a fall. Typically, a textured floor will add more traction but beware some of the more ‘bubbly’ products that are on the market, they may be excellent for many situations but are not good for patients suffering from certain conditions. A good Commercial Account Manager can advise you on this.

Find out how well your floor will absorb noise and if it will be easy to clean? Some of the older non-slip floors contain metal filings for traction and added strength but they also trap dirt and can be hard to keep in a sanitary condition. In this COVID conscious world it is sensible to ask for a vinyl that has a PU coating which will help solve these problems and help you keep your floors spotless.


If you have changes in height on your floors you should consider defining these areas by a change in colour or if it is a step you should employ ‘nosing’ to prevent trips, these come in a variety of colours or even with lights!


Don’t forget commercial non-slip flooring does not have to be boring at all…it comes in hundreds of colours and designs and can be laid in many different ways… get creative, do something different and most of all STAY SAFE!


Here is Peter Green’s top ten of places that we feel should really consider non-slip flooring…

  • Hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Public bathrooms
  • Spas, gyms, recreation centres, locker rooms and pools
  • Dorms, HMO’s and student living accommodations
  • Doggy daycare, vet offices, and grooming facilities
  • Stores and shopping centres
  • Physical therapy and senior living facilities, doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics
  • Museums and galleries
  • Indoor play areas and educational spaces


If you need help with your flooring ask our experienced Commercial Account Manager, they are here to help!

12th October 2021

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