Working from home? Here are some useful tips for you...

Tip 1. It’s easy to loose track of time and not relax properly when you are working from home. Divide your day with periods of mental breaks. Set the alarm on your smart phone to alert you to change activities. Have a snack, a cup of tea, read your book or go outside and don’t forget to move.

Tip 2. Have a place to put your smart phones and tablets out of your eye/ear shot. It will make your work space a more productive area. It is all too easy to get distracted by incoming alerts and lose valuable working time causing you to end up working into the evening hours.

Tip 3. Be sure to separate your personal life from your work space. Have a separate place to keep letters and bills so that they do not intrude and provide a distraction during your working day.




















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10th April 2020

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