Stripes: It's the way you use them that counts

The prediction is that we will be getting more adventurous with our interiors in 2021 and the trend is leaning very much toward mix and match. Carpeting is already seeing a resurgence in popularity offering both warmth, sound proofing and the opportunity to showcase a strong design element.


Striped flooring is bold, smart, elegant, corporate and eye-catching… as well as being forgiving as far as dirt is concerned.  Stripes add personality to an environment, anchors the room and can also be combined with floral or other geometric prints to make for a head turning statement.


As a rule of thumb thick stripes will give a more modern feel and thinner ones a more classic look. Thinner stripes may be more fitting for a smaller room.


How you should lay your stripes is an often asked question? 


Almost any woman will tell you that vertical stripes will make you look longer and leaner and horizontal stripes will make you look shorter and wider. The same goes for flooring so you can use your striped flooring to your advantage depending whether you want to accentuate the width or the length of a room, this concept can be very important when considering hallways and narrow corridors.


Finally there is nothing more dramatic than using stripes on stairways, the effect can be stunning when viewed from both above and below!

So this year consider crossing the line and doing something dramatic with stripes in your home and/or workplace…remember we are here to help you get it right. 

29th January 2021

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