Getting ready for the Great Cook 'IN'!

Come May it looks like we will be able to have friends and relatives swing by our homes and come inside for the first time in what feels like forever! Eating out in a restaurant in the way that we were used to is probably a long way off either by personal choice or if restrictions persist, but having people over is a great second best! So it looks like entertaining at home will be the flavour of quite a few months to come. Having larger groups of people in our homes means a little creativity and a lot of flexibility on the dining room furniture front. With that in mind we have gathered together a few tips and tricks that might help you organize your space for entertaining. 


  • Flexibility with tables is an absolute must. Choose a dining room table which is extendable if your place allows. Ideally go for a table whose extension leaves are stored beneath the table top rather than having to keep them in a cupboard and haul them out each time you have people over.


  • Ever thought of getting two tables? Two small square tables of equal height can offer a lot more flexibility. One can be used in the dining room another in the den, kitchen or breakfast room and then when folks come over they can be put together to make one big table or used separately as an adults table and a kids table, which is always fun for the kids and the adults alike!


  • If you don’t normally eat at a dining table and would rather use that space for other activities then a drop-leaf table might be for you. Opening with gate legs to a full sized table the drop leaf is slim and easy to move through doorways when not in use. When it is closed it forms a useful console for a narrow hallway or behind a sofa on which to put a lamp and some knick-knacks.

  • Chairs can be a problem if you have a lot of people over. You never really have enough of them… yet who wants lots of chairs cluttering up the place when the guests have gone home? One solution could be stackable chairs that can be put in a cupboard or the garage. There are some really nice mid-century modern ones around right now, with molded seats and a little padding for comfort. They are really inexpensive and some come upholstered in fabric, easy clean velvets and faux leathers. Some are very bright and can add a cheery ‘pop’ of colour contrasting nicely with your regular set.


  • How about a bench? You can get them to match any style of room in wood, metal or a combination of both and they can be upholstered in leather, fabric, velvet and come with or without backs… almost any which way you want, and they are sooo versatile! You can move a bench around easily, store it beneath the dining table when not in use, place in the living room as extra seating or even use it in a hall way. A good long bench will seat three. Buy two for either side of the table or just one for a more eclectic mix with regular chairs.


  • No room for a table at all? Then you can always serve simple buffet meal in the living room. This is when a couple of sets of nested tables would come in very handy and there are some pretty modern renditions of this old favorite around these days. Team them up with a serving trolly or a coffee table on which to lay out the food and you are all set.


  • Still looking for table space? Try a supper table. What a clever idea this is. Essentially a coffee table whose top can be raised to form a table which is not only great for company but also for the odd TV dinner or working on your laptop while sitting on the sofa. 


Convenience, flexibility and minimum effort are the keywords to entertaining. Having to spend a lot of time organizing places for people to sit down and eat can be down right exhausting and detracts from the food prep and enjoyment oof the occasion, leaving the host exhausted frazzled even before the guests arrive. With a little thought and planning you can have your house adapt to any influx of visitors smoothly and quickly. We hope you have enjoyed these tips and have an enjoyable rest of the year sharing with family and friends.


Mi casa su casa!

13th April 2021

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