A Passion for Comfort

9th May 2022

As soon as we tried a ‘Stressless’ chair we were in love… in love with a type of comfort that we knew our customers would adore! That was many years ago now, but we think it would only be fair to say that our long standing relationship with Ekorness, the makers of this superb range of reclining chairs and sofas, is even stronger now than it was back then…and so we think it is only fitting that we have planned to celebrate our decades-long and happy partnership with this fantastic Scandinavian company, with the opening of our brand new Stressless Studio this Spring. Cementing our position as one of the country’s leading Stressless stockists.

And how romantic is it, that a company whose designs are rooted in the fundamentals of Nordic furniture tradition, carry out their operations on the banks of a picture perfect, Norwegian fiord, in a village that has been home to the furniture building and woodworking industry for centuries? 

The success of the Stressless chair, launched in 1971, is based on its ability to glide, and shift effortlessly, using body weight alone… into the perfect resting position for every muscle group, including your head, neck and lumbar regions. Using unique mechanisms that are discreetly hidden within a sleek, form-follows-function Scandi design this chair adds a distinctive grace and elegance to both contemporary and traditional settings. The additional adjustable footstool available with most ranges only increases this chairs flexibility and ability to deliver complete relaxation. 

The comfort of a Stressless recliner is legendary!! In true fairy-tale fashion the company makes each of their chairs in a range of three sizes… small, medium and large.

So you can be certain that you will find the chair that is ‘just right for you!’ This is an opportunity that is often missed by many other leading furniture makers, but Stressless recognizes that it is all important that the seat height, seat length and back height of the chair should match your frame. Making for a perfect fit, every time. Stressless even caters for those who want a little power in their lives, with their recently launched range of electrically assisted recliners and sofas, which move smoothly into any position you want, at the touch of a button.  

You can feel the magic of these fabulous chairs come alive in our comprehensive Stressless Studio, which showcases two hundred square feet of pure Scandinavian comfort. Here you can learn about their strong eco credentials. Use our state-of-the-art demonstration hub to try out the many design combinations, and interact with a vast range of tactile wood, leather and fabric samples. Pick the brains of our knowledgeable Consultants who can help find the perfect model, in the ideal size and finish for you. Then lie back and think of Norway!

Let the mountain air and the sound of distant cowbells lull you into the most relaxed state you have experienced for a long while.  

It’s time to fall in love again!

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9th May 2022

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