Would You Want a Wood Floor?

The flooring material of choice in many countries including large parts of Europe and the USA is wood. In fact it is quite hard to sell a house in America if you do not have wood floors throughout. So why is it that the British sometimes shy away from this beautiful, eco-friendly, low emissions flooring choice? 

If you believe as many do that wood is delicate, easy to damage and requires special treatment then you might want to think again. These days many engineered wood floors are finished with a resilient polyurethane layer, or an eco-equivalent rendering them one of the most durable options on the flooring market. Even solid timber floors are more resilient than you may think!

Wood is warm, a good insulator, natural and inherently unique in its beautiful patterning. So what is it that steers many British home owners away from this timeless product? The answer to that question lies largely history. For generations carpets have been the flooring of choice in British homes. They kept us warm in a damp climate with homes that were often poorly heated, as wool was readily available as a raw material… but over the last 50 years our heating systems have become more sophisticated and the climate has shifted with winters and summers are now noticeably warmer. Wood can now be sustainably sourced from other countries, protecting our own valuable and dwindling timber stocks and world travel has introduced us to alternative flooring solutions. 

The last 10 years in particular have seen a trend towards hard flooring options, but even so few seem to want to invest in real wood. Maybe it is a case of fake news? 

Wood has a reputation of being expensive, which is initially it may be, but you have to take into account that it can last for decades and over the course of time it will mellow and mature and become even more stunning.

Bear in mind too that it is totally refinishable and you can even change the colour to freshen the look… which is something that no other floor can do. Over time any dings and scratches will add to the charm… roughly hewn and antiqued boards being on trend right now!

Like everything else in your home, it's best to clean wood floors well and often. Below we have outlined an easy-to-follow guide on some really effective ways to take care of your wood floors. Although it should be noted that not all hardwood floors need the same level of maintenance, so we encourage you to do some further research! 

  • Vacuum weekly… consider investing in a ‘robot’ vacuum cleaner                    
  • Clean dirty or sticky spots with fresh water on a paper towel or cloth 
  • Mop every month or so with a microfibre mop
  • Fill scratches with wax crayons designed for this purpose
  • Wash with water infused with tea bags to add depth and shine
  • Polish with a water-based polish every few months 
  • Place rugs and mats in high traffic areas 

Avoid…. steam cleaners, harsh detergents, astringent and vinegar cleaners and wax cleaners.

If you need further advice on whether wood is right for your space, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our specialists at Peter Green!

20th June 2022

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