Woodpecker, Naturally!

17th January 2022

Woodpecker real wood flooring has hit the ground running in our expansive Flooring Department, because our customers’ love of nature and their need to be close to it is as stronger than ever. More recently we have seen a massive movement towards the use of natural materials in all areas of the home… so what better place to start than with your floors?

Solid wood flooring brings the beauty, texture and warmth of the natural world right into your home and workspaces, without introducing pollutants and allergens. The big forest favourites at the moment are oak, walnut, maple, birch, cherry and exotic hardwoods…and although you might not consider bamboo as a tree its woody stems make for a gorgeously smooth and incredibly durable floor.

Of course, in order to protect the environment it is important to make sure that the flooring you choose is harvested from responsibly managed forests, because the last thing we want to do is destroy the very thing we love. Most wood floor stockists should  be happy to answer your questions as to where your wood comes from and if it was sustainably grown. In the UK, many manufacturers adhere to Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) international guidelines – our buyers always prioritise dealing with honourable suppliers like these!

Although light oak is and probably always will be the nation’s number one colour choice, we are recently seeing a leaning towards darker timbers and more unusual finishes. Rustic rough-sawn floors are also popular which allow for the wood’s true graining and beautiful character to rise to the surface and don’t worry, the finish ensures there is rustic charm, but no splinters!

Another ‘game changer' is the way that tiles and boards can be laid these days, with intricate borders, herringbone and parquet designs being particularly on trend at the moment… and don’t forget the direction that you choose to lay the boards can affect how long or wide your room will appear.

If you are leaning towards natural wood or engineered wood as a flooring choice a visit to the brand-new Peter Green Woodpecker Studio and Treehouse is a must! 

Yes… we have a Treehouse! 

Where else can you sit and enjoy the aroma of freshly cut wood and listen to tranquil bird sounds, while you browse a vast selection of wood design panels with an adjustable lighting system that will mirror the lighting in your own home?

We have trained sales consultants at hand to advise you on the best choice for your situation and they can help you come up with some surprisingly unique ideas as to how to lay the floor too! And, if you still haven’t made your mind up then we have plenty of samples for you to take with you, to consider in the comfort of your own home. 

After installation, your solid wood floor will become a living, breathing part of your space radiating warmth and adding character and mood to any room in your home or workplace. With proper care it will last you a lifetime as well as ticking your environmentally conscious box!

That’s the beauty of Woodpecker! 

17th January 2022

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