Why Choosing Amtico Vinyl Tile is Like Being a Kid in a Sweet Shop!

8th February 2022

In many of our blogs we have centered our discussions on the virtues of Amtico’s luxury vinyl tiles in terms of durability, but in this article we want to talk about the versatility of these fabulous tiles. 

Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tiles (or LVT)  come in thousands of colour-ways and finishes that mimic the look of almost any flooring substrate, from ceramic tiles both modern and Victorian, to a myriad of stone and wood effect finishes. They can also be produced with abstract designs and self colours… but what many people may not appreciate is that Amtico tiles are also designed to be used in combination with each other, bringing both individuality and personality to your indoor spaces. 

A simple way of doing this would be to add a border around the room to accent the shape, or you could define certain areas in terms of usage, such as sitting areas or walkways, much as runners or rugs are similarly used in a room. For instance, you might want to use a wood effect tile for the majority of the space, then add a square of highly decorated tiles in the area where you plan to place the sofas and chairs…or underneath a table. Thin strips of metallic or coloured in-lays can also be added to create highlights to your design, giving it a little extra pizzazz! 

As well as changing it up a little in terms of tile styles the Amtico Design Team have also come up with the ‘Designer’s Choice’ collection of fabulous floor designs to make creating stunning floors easy. This extensive range of exclusive laying patterns is crafted to help and inspire you to personalise your floor with your own choice of colours and textures. The collection demonstrates how you can lay your tiles in a whole host of patterns ranging from basket weaves, parquets, pleats to checks. Of course, you can always opt for a random design too if you like.

So you see, by the time you have picked ’n’ mixed from Amtico’s comprehensive palette of textures, finishes, patterns, colours and floor laying designs, the number of combinations are enormous! That’s why choosing Amtico Vinyl Tile is like being a kid in a Sweet shop!

Confused by all the possible choices? 

Pop into our showrooms and one of our experienced Consultants can easily explain the differences and help guide you on your exciting Amtico journey!

8th February 2022

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