What’s Trending for 2022?

3rd January 2022

2022 is finally here and there are a lot of exciting and new furnishing styles on the horizon for us this coming New Year, with a strong design focus on creating versatile home spaces with multifunctional, natural and sustainable furnishing. There is also a shift toward decorating in colour schemes which incorporate soothing earth tones. The last couple of years the design world has been flirting with a colour palette captured from nature, with a major focus on greens of all varieties and shades. We have seen soft furnishing groupings in particular, made up of an exciting mix of green shades….  like solid mints, sages and dark hunter greens, used all together in a very dramatic way. Even our own TV ad features a beautiful vivid moss-green corner sofa group! This year the spotlight is on wild thyme, a natural grey-green, which forms a stunning herbaceous back drop for rich and contrasting terracottas, deep oranges, warm stone greys and earthy ochres. 

Trending earth toned furniture and accents are a really great way to add pops of colour to neutral spaces. Alternatively, you can add some neutral toned additions to your rooms to unify a much bolder colour palette. 

Twenty twenty-two will be the year of GREEN in more ways than one, as sustainability will also be very much in vogue.  ‘Going Green’ will be on many furniture and flooring shoppers’ minds this year, as it is predicted that many will put in the time to consider their personal carbon footprints and it’s resulting impact on  the environment. With more effective methods for recycling plastic into durable materials we are seeing a much wider offering of recycled products that tick all the boxes for design, quality and value. Manufacturers in the industry are also turning towards more sustainable practices to satisfy this need. As a business we are excited by these changes and our Spring and Summer furnishing selections have been made with a bias toward more eco-friendly products, including the new display just last week of a bed made exclusively for Peter Green with all elements of the mattress using recycled materials in conjunction with the ‘SEAQUAL’ international clean ocean initiative. 

Along with the interest in saving the environment and earthy colours, there will also be a great interest in replicating what we see in nature in our homes. Botanical prints, potted plants, and furniture sporting curvaceous and organic lines, will be top of the list.

Multifunctional furniture is another element we are expecting to see take off this year and again we have got that covered for you. With so much life lived at home in the last year and with no let up in sight as yet, we have seen many people getting creative with adding multifunctional elements into their homes. We are expecting to see a rise in the need for furniture that folds up, expands or has multiple heights. Our buying plan to bring new ranges to market for this Spring and Summer has reflected these needs as we strive to cater to the wants of customers. Furniture that includes or even doubles up as storage is a fantastic way to add much needed space to our homes and helps us keep that uncluttered look that most of us desire.

Fun design elements are in.  The predictions are that Moroccan styling will be very popular, with ornate carvings, embroidered fabrics, colourful rugs and cushions and lots of detailed elements with natural materials such as darker woods, cotton and wool. Retro elements will also stay with us this year with items ranging from the mid-century modern of the 1950s to 1970s inspired furniture and colour palettes. Hand crafted or artisan furnishings are another design feature we expect to see a lot of in 2022, with people looking for more one-of-a-kind accessories… what a fantastic way to add some character to your home while supporting local artists and small business.

2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year for design, and seems to be aiming high for lots of creative innovations!


3rd January 2022

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