Underlays and accessories

As well as working as a shock absorber, adding cushioning and comfort underfoot, a good underlay helps keep in heat and could help reduce your energy bills. Invest in a good underlay, whatever the budget for your carpet. A heavy-duty underlay will extend the life of your carpet and may even outlast it. Similarly, a cheap, poor underlay (or not using one at all) will ensure even the best carpets and floors look tired before their time and significantly underperform.

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Why do you need underlay?

Underlay helps a new carpet to sit properly and wear evenly. It reduces pile compression and enables a carpet to keep its appearance for longer.Did we mention it also adds a luxurious feel under foot?Look out for an underlay with good acoustic qualities for areas with heavy footfall, particularly if you have teenagers living in the house! Underlays come with a tog rating – the higher the tog, the better the insulation. Some underlay can still be used with underfloor heating, too.