Tips for Shopping in the Spring Sale!

25th April 2022

Will it last? Will it be hard to take care of? How much should I spend? What style/colour should I buy?  These are often asked questions which leave people confused and frustrated when they go shopping for new furniture and flooring. 

Furnishing your home can be an anxiety-inducing experience, and furniture purchases can seem very final. We have put together some shopping basics for you to follow during the Spring Sales which will help reduce your stress and will help make your shopping experience fun.

  • Make it yours! - Before you do anything you must establish what you like. Don’t decorate for your friends, relatives or visitors… choose what will make you happy. To do this you might want to spend some time looking at magazines, books, TV shows, catalogues and websites such as Pinterest and collect pictures of rooms, furniture and flooring that appeal to you. Put all your ideas in one place such as a scrap book, a note-book, in a computer folder or in a photo album on your phone. Then take a long hard look at what you gathered… is your preferred style casual with comfy-looking furnishings and plenty of earth tones; are you the contemporary sort who favours metal, glass or leather with clean lines; do you fall into the country category with soft florals and painted woods; or are you more traditional, favouring antique, dark woods with splashes of damask and chintz? Maybe your style is eclectic with a little of everything… and that is okay because remember that you’re the one who has to enjoy your surroundings.
  • Take stock of what you have. Unless you are lucky enough to go for a whole new look and replace everything all at the same time, you will probably have to take into account what existing furniture you already have. Think about how your old furniture and floors will look up against something new? Don’t feel too dismayed if you can’t replace everything at once because it is nice to keep some old favourites throughout the years, after all that’s what makes a home! Assess what really needs to go and what might be given a second life by being repaired or refinished. A different stain on a table top or some paint on the legs can make an awkward piece fit right in. Get creative and look online as to what other people have done to update and upcycle old pieces… you will be surprised at all the ideas out there. To make the old work with the new add samples of your existing colours, textiles and styles to your scrapbook so you can evaluate a good match when you are shopping. If you are decorating, don’t forget to bring the paint colour samples along with you so you don’t have to rely onmemory alone. It can be quite confusing when you get confronted with 30 shades of cream! Remember there is no rule that you have to buy everything at once. Begin with those furnishings that need replacing first, and build slowly around thepieces you love.
  • Measure twice order once! Make a diagram and take measurements of the room that you’re planning to furnish. You don’t want to get stuck trying to sell-on nearly new furniture because it is the wrong size. Furniture that is too big can dominate a room and make it look small and furniture that is too small can look out of place in a big space. Measure the doorways too, because remember your furniture has to fit through the door in order to get it into the room. If you are choosing flooring then measure the room to get a rough idea of what you need, although a reputable retailer will likely want to send a specialistestimator along to get a true measurement and perhaps even evaluate the subfloor to identify any trouble spots that you might not be aware of.
  • Look at your life style! Be honest with yourself when you look at the way you live and who lives in the house with you. If you have a big white fluffy cat then don’t pick a midnight blue sofa. If you have a drooling Saint Bernard you better steer clear of that pale pink linen chaise. Toddlers with chocolate covered hands can ruin a pair of cream silk curtains in seconds and a while wool carpet can be marked for life in a house of people who don’t take their shoes off when they come in from the garden. When you go shopping be honest with the sales consultant about your livng situation, they will be more than happy to help you buy the right product… and really, don’t forget to buy the extended warranty protection, when disaster strikes you will not regret it!
  • What’s your price? Before you even go shopping decide how much you have to spend. If you get to the store and the items you need are more than you imagined then don’t be tempted to buy cheap, because you will only be back at the store in a couple of years, instead of a decade or two. Remember your plan is to build your collection slowly because you have a goal in mind. Maybe a quick look at your scrap book will set you back on track. If you are shopping in the Spring Sales you should be able to find some great bargains, or maybe you can find what you want in Clearance. Ask about financing, this may help you to buy what you want and spread the payments over a period of time. Good retailers always offer Interest Free Credit of some description.
  • Refused to be rushed? Don’t let an eager sales person rush you into a quick decision. If you feel uncomfortable walk away, go home and think on it. It’s a big expense and any sales person who does not understand that is not really trying to help you at all. Visit another store, preferably one which takes a more consultative approach alongside you, take photos and show a friend whose opinion you value. Ask yourself… Will it last? Will it be hard to take care of? Will it fit in? Is it me? If it ticks all the boxes then go back to the store when you feel fresh… if you still absolutely love it then snap it up!

25th April 2022

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