Your sleep is as important as you are.

Discover the technology inside of the Slumberland mattress which comes with 8 year guarantee and is made in UK.

  • BioPro Treatment

A 100% natural Probiotic fabric treatment to protects against allergens, bacteria and odours, promoting a fresh and healthy mattress.

  • Cooling Gel Latex

Resilient, pressure relieving  Latex boosted with Gel  capsules that absorb and release body heat to help maintain the correct sleeping climate.

  • Memory Foam with Respire

Pressure relieving memory foam enhanced with engineered perforations creates improved air circulation for a coller night’s sleep.

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The latest heat and moisture control…

Ecool quiltAn environmentally sustainable smart fibre that works by wicking away moisture to provide a cool and refreshing night’s sleepEdgeMaxAirA uniquely designed,  ventilated mattress edge support system that breathes with you.IceFabricNew and innovative cool touch fabric technology creates a cooler sleep environment to aid the transition to a relaxing night’s sleep.