Scandinavian Nights... How to Bring Nordic Design Into Your Home

As the nights draw in, we crave the lightness of Scandinavian design. Cozy, bright, and clutter free; these are the qualities that have defined the timeless classic. Scandinavian styling spread in popularity across the western world in the 1950s and has remained with us ever since. 


The clean modernity of the Scandinavian look captured the world with its strong focus on comfort (link to our hygge blog) and functionality. This beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing styling has resurfaced again and again over the years as it proves to be fantastic homestyle that adds a sophisticated twist to any home.


Perhaps it is the long dark Scandinavian winters that are the force that drives this design style to concentrate on neutrals and light bright whites with the occasional accents of tan and black…but in Scandinavian homes you will also see muted colours such dusty blush, mossy green, or deep blue-grey to name a few.


The wonderful thing about Scandinavian styling is that everything looks lovely against the bright white and neutral backgrounds… it really draws attention to the details, textures and furniture shapes within the room, it also works amazingly well for smaller spaces.


The furniture and cabinetry in Scandinavian homes trends towards lighter woods…pine, ash and light oak… with clear natural finishes.  Solid wood is favoured, which may be a little bit pricier but means that these pieces will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Clean lines are elegantly balanced and simple, complemented with natural fabrics such as wool, linen or cotton, creating a delicate statement in your living spaces.

Scandinavian homes focus on being clutter free, which creates a manageable home that is less stressful and has less to clean! Now this does not mean that you have to throw everything out, because remember a key element of this style is functionality. It’s important to choose your pieces of furniture carefully with maximum storage.  Ottomans and benches that double up as storage boxes, beds with drawers for out-of-season clothing and bedding will be your best friend when decorating in this style.


Elements of Scandi can be easily tied into most home styles, or you can make it your home’s main theme. Either way this style is designed for life to be comfortable cozy and a tad simpler. This is easy to live with design style will make your home ‘work’ for you and become a place that is your haven away from the outside world.


We can help you turn your dark winter nights into bright light filled Scandinavian nights at Peter Green.

29th November 2021

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