Restaurant and Coffee Shop

It’s so important to get the recipe just right to bring those all-important customers through the door and keep them coming back again and again. The smell of the coffee alone simply won’t cut the mustard but comfort and ambiance will. Peter Green is a handy ingredient to put into the mix. We will bring decades of experience and knowledge to your project and garnished it with a generous helping of creative flair to make interiors that your customers will never want to leave.

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Flooring isn’t boring, comfort is key...

Sourcing the right flooring and furniture for eating areas can be a complicated and time consuming business, especially when you take into account the health, safety and durability aspects of the furnishings you choose. We will take the hard work out of your renovation project and guide you through the process seamlessly from the decorations on the walls to the floor beneath your feet. Working all hours our team will get the job done so you will not miss a beat. Our account managers will guide you to make the right choices that will create gorgeously comfortable interiors that will stand the test of time.

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