Relaxing in the Garden... How to Create a Usable Outdoor Space

6th June 2022

During these stressful times everyone is looking for more ways to relax and unwind, and while going on holiday is most people’s ‘go to’ we believe that prioritizing daily ways to unwind is probably more important in the long run. Relaxing with nature is beneficial to the mind, body and spirit, and so why not consider creating an outdoor space where you can connect with the natural environment… smell the flowers, listen to the birds and bees and soak up some much needed vitimin D… your own private paradise.

There are countless studies which show that the human connection to the outdoors is calming and improves your quality of life. Many people yearn to be outside but at the same time overlook what is right on their own door step and available 24/7. 

Creating a usable outdoor space that is right for the way you like to relax is key. To do this you must firstly make sure that you invest in pieces of outdoor furniture that suit both you and the setting. If curling up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good book is your idea of a relaxing afternoon or evening, then opt for a comfortable outdoor modular sofa set with soft, weather proof cushions… a place where you can sit in comfort while enjoying the sights, sounds and scents of your garden. An outdoor rug would complete the scene as well as defining the space.

If you like cozying up with an e-reader and head phones for a little ‘me time’, then a hanging egg chair might be just the thing for you. Most have stands so no need to worry about where you hang your chair from and the subtle rocking motion will be perfect for helping you to escape deep into an adventurous story, while you get some fresh air, and listen to your favorite songs. 

 Egg chairs have been such a staple for many gardens for sometime and they are a beautiful design feature for any space both indoors and out… a perfect blend of an arm chair and hammock! Egg chairs provid a ‘safe’ little cocoon or nest away from the world. Some egg chairs are large enough to accommodate sitting cross legged, and it is a fantastic place to meditate and capture a little zen.

If you prefer to just lie down and close your eyes for a quick snooze or to do a little sunbathing then bear that in mind when creating an out door space. Find a comfortable sun bed, or easy chair to utilize in your garden space. A sturdy outdoor chair with cushions would also be very accessible for those with mobility issues, and will allow you to enjoy the peace of the outside comfortably.

Over all your focus should be to create a space in your garden, which works for your lifestyle. You can have fun decorating with splashes of colour, or keep things natural to blend with your surroundings. You might want to continue your indoor decorating themes through to the outside? Adding small details like tinkly wind chimes, or little bells and bird feeders can elevate your outdoor experience. A great place to figure out where to start is to look back on memories of holidays, or places you stayed and pick out elements of those happy times which you can incorporate into your garden creating your own personalized relaxation oasis.

Good luck with your project and remember we are always here to help.

6th June 2022

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