Let accommodations

In the world of rented accommodation we tend to think of only two things when it comes to furnishings… cost and longevity. In all actuality a strong element of style and sophistication has proven to bring you better results in terms the rent you can command and the quality of tenant you attract. No worries, at Peter Green we have all that covered form cheap and cheerful student accommodation to more elegant choices for your more decreeing customers.

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Furniture and flooring which will last the test of time...

Furniture and Furnishings supplied by a landlord or a managing agent must comply with the Fire Safety Regulations in regards to ignition and fire safety. We can take the nightmare out of your fit-outs and guide you to make choices that both meet safety standards and create beautiful spaces that command beautiful prices. We will supply everything from wall hangings to the mattress and floor treatments and we will work with you and your budget to create just what you need right on time in time for moving in day.

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