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In the world of rented accommodation, we tend to think of only two things when it comes to furnishings and flooring, cost and longevity. Adding a strong element of style and sophistication has been proven to increase the rent you can command while increasing the quality of tenant that you attract. At Peter Green we have a great collection of landlord carpets and furniture for rental properties and accommodation. We cater to all types of accommodation with budget ranges for student accommodation to elegant ranges for luxury rental properties so you can appeal to discerning renters. Our account managers are ready to help you find the perfect furniture and flooring for your rented accommodation, why not book a free no-obligation consultation with our contracts team today.

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Furniture And Flooring Which Will Stand The Test Of Time...

Furniture and Furnishings supplied by a landlord or a managing agent must comply with the Fire Safety Regulations in regard to ignition and fire safety. We can take the hassle out of your rented accommodation fit-outs and guide you to make choices that both meet safety standards and create beautiful spaces that command high prices. We can supply everything from wall art to mattresses and flooring and our account managers will work with you and your budget to create just what you need on time moving in day.

Landlord Carpets And Rental Property Flooring

Rental properties are subjected to heavy use and wear and tear almost as much as commercial properties are. If you are looking for a landlord carpet or the most durable flooring for a rental property, we have a number of options to suit different styles and budgets. In the carpet area, we have stainfree synthetic carpet which is an ideal landlord carpet for properties that have a lower budget and are set to become busy homes with kids and pets all the way up to luxury wool carpets which offer insulation, noise reduction and cosiness and appeal to discerning renters. We also have an excellent range of laminate flooring and vinyl flooring which can suit higher traffic areas and kitchens and bathrooms respectively. Discuss your flooring requirements with our professional contracts team who can guide you towards the best flooring covering for your rental property.

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