How to Shop Wisely for Furniture in the Winter Sale

27th December 2021

The winter sales are upon us and there are some super deals around this year… but this time make sure you put your ‘sensible’ hat on when you leave for the stores. In other words don’t be drawn in to buying cheap furniture just because it seems like a great deal at the time… because it wont be and you will end up buying twice in the end. We recommend that you use this opportunity to buy more expensive pieces from trusted brands while the prices are low, something that will last you a long time. Below we have put together a few things to look for when identifying a quality piece of furniture.

  • Look at the wood: Solid wood furniture is the strongest but typically more expensive. Furniture legs should always be solid wood, never plastic, or particle board… but tops on the other hand can be made from a less expensive core veneered with better-quality or exotic woods. Watch out for particle board laminated with a plastics… it wont last long as it is prone to water damage and bending under stress.
  • Check the drawers and doors: Make sure that knobs are tight and any jiggle, latches work, and the draw or door shuts smoothy and evenly. Open doors should remain in that position instead of snapping closed while you’re using the cabinet. 
  • Check for glue and nails: Remember screws are always better than nails in most situations and wood joints at ends and corners are preferable to glue to create long lasting sturdy pieces of furniture.  Furniture tips: fabric
  • Consider your lifestyle: If you have  have a large, hyper dog or children then that white suede couch is not for you. If you have kids or pets, stick with washable/durable materials dark colors and stain-resistant fabrics like microfiber, synthetic velvets or leather. Look for a ‘forever’ colour that wont go out of style.
  • Examine the springs and legs: Before you purchase a sofa take off the cushions and press down on the.The springs should push down and spring back into place immediately. Coiled springs will give you a grin sit and serpentine springs will be softer. Look underneath for a fifth leg in the middle which will provide more support…cheaper sofas will only have 4 legs.
  • The cushion test: look for firm cushions that are fully covered both sides so that they can be flipped… they will last longer. Washable removable covers are a bonus.

Choosing timeless pieces will give a structure to your room that will never go out of date. You can easily freshen your room by changing the accessories, wall art, window treatments and rugs. Use our guide to give yourself confidence when you buy and to make sure that your sale purchases don’t end up in the trash next year. It makes good money and environmental sense!


27th December 2021

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