In the Mood - How to Create the Moody Style

18th July 2022

Moody interiors are one of the most overlooked trends this year, but are just beginning to gain some traction. What we love about the moody home trend it that no matter your home style, you can add mood and drama to create beautiful layers of depth to your space. Moody environments are about creating a cozy, welcoming, yet dramatic visuals for you and your guests.

When people think of a moody interior, deep, rich highly saturated color comes to mind, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Moody moments can be created in almost any colour room. Setting the mood in a room can be created with lighting, by hanging light filtering curtains to create lovely shadows, or by accenting windows with some dramatic window treatments, which add so much richness to your space. Using dimmable lights also allows you to create a cozy, romantic feeling, and if your room needs extra lights, using little glowing lamps, twinkle lights, or candles can add a lovely, inviting layer of warmth. Moody lighting is layered, to create a soothing and relaxing feel to the space.

Velvet is a staple for moody environments, think accent chairs, couches, ottomans, headboards, throw pillows. Velvet is so inviting and adds a plush luxurious comfort to any room. Other luxe textures you can use are leather, or high quality faux leather, on chairs, or ottomans. These stunning materials elevate a space, yet add comfort and create a warm “stay a while” atmosphere.

Letting your quirks shine through is the key to creating a moody inviting atmosphere, whether you have antiques or you have collections of things, displaying these objects in an interesting way, like mixing them in with shelf decor, or having them displayed in a glass front cabinet it a really fun way to let your personality shine through in your decor. These elements help create that moody, inviting feeling and opens up guests up to conversation about your collections.

Some elements are ones that you can add, even on a minimal budget, such as having some moody jazz (or other kinds of music) in the background. Chose music that is slow er in tempo, maybe with a bit of attitude. Also having food cooking or baking bread will add a cozy aromatic layer to the atmosphere, or lighting some scented candles to give touches of warm perfume, which can help create mood.

Moody interiors, while on trend right now, are definitely a reoccurring element which can be seen, over the centuries. This indicates to us, that creating a moody space is not just another fad, but has become more of a design staple, which will stay classic for years to come. Whether your home is sleek and ultra modern or eclectic by adding moodiness to your interiors will make it an instant classic!

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18th July 2022

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