How to Put a Little Spring in Your Step This Season!

11th April 2022

Spring is a time of renewal and it creates within us a strong desire to ‘re-feather our nests’. If you are looking for a big bold home refresh, then changing your floor coverings is a good place to begin. New floors will completely transform the look of your home and breathe new life into your existing furniture.

Soft white rooms really pop with a good carpet. If you’re adventurous, a duck egg blue or thyme green carpet can make your white room feel very tranquil. In contrast a rust red or amber floor covering will bring warmth and hide the dirt. Many people, however, prefer to stay neutral. We recommend a bright cream or primrose yellow for a very light and airy look, or mushroom for rooms that may need a bit of contrast.

 Wood or wood effect luxury vinyl tiles in lighter tones will add brightness and interest whilst more muted, matte finishes, will provide texture. Think light and bright this Spring and you can’t go wrong, aim for something you could imagine in a breezy beach house and you will be right on target. Wood effect LVT and laminate are on the rise in popularity, they bring in authentic wood grain and color while being cost effective, faster to install, and more durable. 

If you’re on the move soon, living in rental accommodation, or on a tight budget then you might not be in the position to ‘spring’ for a new floor, in which case door mats and rugs are a fantastic second best… and remember new rugs are a great way to change things up until you’re ready to go for a completely new floor. Area rugs, runners and entrance mats will give your home the refresh it needs without breaking the bank.

Consider rugs which harmonize with your color scheme or alternatively extend your color palette with a few pops of a new colour. This year’s trends are leaning towards bolder colors, with lots of fun combinations. Simplicity is still the order of the day with muted tones at the top of the list.

Rugs are a great addition to any room, even if the room is already carpeted, you can used rugs to add color and texture to a space. An exciting way to do this is to lay out a very large, inexpensive natural fibre rug and layer it with a smaller high quality wool rug on top. This way you can maximize your budget by covering a large portion of your floor in a very cost effective way, while adding a layer of luxurious color. Rugs also help to protect your floors from dirt, seeds, and pollen being tracked in this season. A home refresh should be the perfect balance of beauty meeting function.

Patterned area rugs and carpets add a nice update to your home… and for all you biophilliacs out there wanting to bring the outside in, we are seeing florals, leaf patterns, and lots of animal prints emerging this season.

Changing out door mats can be another small way to change the look of your home, and it is a functional yet pretty way to deal with muddy boots this spring. Doormats will protect your floors from dirt being tracked in and the can provide a lovely welcome for your guests.

Spring is an excellent time to consider your flooring changes as most stockiest will be in sale during the next few weeks. The Peter Green Team hopes you have enjoyed these tips for Spring flooring we certainly hope you will pay us a visit when you are ready to do so. 

Happy Easter!

11th April 2022

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