How to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture for You!

23rd May 2022

This Spring, the last thing you want is for your garden furniture to hold you back from enjoying our outdoor space.

Imagine if Grandad became folded up inside an aged lounger or if Aunty Ethel stood up to reveal rust streaks down the back of her favourite summer dress! Even well designed, sturdy garden furniture has a finite lifespan and badly designed, flimsily made and poorly maintained garden old furniture is worse, potentially even leading to accident or injury. So this summer don’t get stuck for hours in Accident and Emergency, instead pay a visit to a reputable furniture store and check out some solid furniture pieces so you can enjoy hours in your outdoor or garden space instead. If you follow these guidelines you will be on the right track…

  • Go for quality - cheap outdoor furniture will not survive many seasons. To get the most out of your outdoor furniture it is best to invest in high quality pieces which will withstand the elements and the test of time.
  • Look for Comfort- wood, metal, rattan, and wicker are great options for outdoor furniture but make sure the set comes with outdoor fabric cushions, which will withstand the elements. This added comfort will encourage your friends and family to family linger. If your outdoor set is missing this cozy comfort factor, consider getting a set of after-market weather-proof cushions… you won’t regret it!
  • Find low maintenance furniture - wood furniture that is sealed and weather-proofed, or made of durable teak, and metal furniture with a powder coating finish are commonly strong, durable and easy to wipe down, or hose off. This will increase the amount of time you will have to relax in your garden.
  • Think about storage- sometimes the excitement of warmer months leads us to forget that harsher winter months that will follow. Remember it all has to be stored somewhere, that’s if you are hoping to maximize your investment and extend the life of your furniture. Consider where you will keep it before you buy. A shed or garage are the perfect places. Also consider the weight of the furniture, if it’s too heavy to move you will likely need to invest in outdoor furniture covers for the cold winter months…and don’t forget there are always folding models that use up a fraction of the space when put into storage.
  • Consider your decor - both outside and in. Style and colours that compliment your interior style will help to create a seamless flow. You can always add some fresh new pops of colour to the outdoor space in one or two areas, to add some excitement and freshness to the space, while keeping most of the colour palette similar to what you have inside to tie everything together.
  • Plan the outdoor layout - take note of how you are using the space naturally, you want things to be comfortable and well laid out so that you are not having to navigate around awkward layouts. Take measurements or request them from your retailer and use masking tape on the ground to map out your ideas before you buy. If you have a small space, consider simple designs like bistro sets and benches. If you have a larger space then you can go for bigger pieces, rattan modular sofa any way you like it, and a full blown dining set – maybe even one with an ice bucket or BBQ grill in the middle of the table! 

This summer make sure that Aunty Ethel doesn’t get embarrassed and Grandad doesn’t end up with the bends and most of all have fun with your loved ones in a space all of your own.

Enjoy the summer (when it arrives!)

23rd May 2022

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