How to Shop the Sale!

28th June 2022

Finding a good deal is something everyone wants, whether you love deal hunting, or you’re looking for high quality on a budget. The best place to start is with a plan, sitting down and figuring out what pieces you prefer and what sizes you need is a great start, then moving on to quality… For example, when buying cabinet or dining furniture, are you looking for high end solid construction, or are you happy with a veneered product?

This helps you to determine one of your the most important decisions, which is your budget! The next step is to start researching online, once you find a selection of pieces which interest you, consider visiting Stores in person to get to know the products you are looking for, and see what other styles they may have available. This will help you keep focused on what you are looking for during the ‘Sales’, rather than feeling overwhelmed and maybe making impulsive decisions solely based on enticing ‘low prices’. 

As a buyer, the best thing you can do is inform yourself, spend time talking to sales Consultants, asking questions about quality materials and viewing or trying pieces in person, before the rush of the Sale is on.

‘Sale’ time is the best time to find options that are high quality, which better fit in your budget. It’s so easy to get swept up in buying several less expensive pieces, but something to consider is the longevity of cheaply made furniture or flooring - items that are low quality are likely to age or break down quickly, which will mean replacing the pieces more frequently. Over time buying what seems to be inexpensive furniture can add up to just as much if not more than buying high quality more well made pieces and you haven’t enjoyed that quality in the first place!.

The best items to buy during the Sales are those solid wood pieces, or pieces from collectible brands like Ercol.

Buying higher value, better quality pieces means you will end up spending less long term, things like dining sets, sofas, or beds, are commodities that most people only want to spend money on a few times in a lifetime, so they should be more seen as investment pieces. These are pieces which last the test of time and often will be able to be passed down. Brands like Ercol have huge followings of vintage collectors because the pieces are classic, solid, and built to last. This kind of quality, at good prices, is the most ideal buy during the Sale events.

Another area to consider is flooring, if you’ve been wanting new carpet but can’t spring for the higher qualities of 100% wool or solid wood flooring, if you can wait for Sale time you’ll be able to go from man-made, to wool blend, or even 100% wool carpeting, or from Vinyl or LVT, to engineered wood, or solid wood flooring by taking advantage of the discounts on offer. Being able to afford higher quality flooring will be a great long term investment, as the flooring will withstand more usage, as well as improve your home’s value. Being clever with the timing of buying your flooring is a fantastic way to add wallet-friendly value to your home.

The best times of year to purchase furniture or flooring in the UK is generally during the two key Sale periods – Winter and Summer. These usually national events in January and February and then July and August are well established over decades, but it also depends on what you are looking for, outdoor furniture tends to go on Sale in August and September for example, whereas living, bedroom and dining tend to be at their best prices during January and July. So be sure to come down to the Peter Green showroom this season, to get an informed idea of what you are really looking for, and have all of your questions answered by our fantastic sales team!

28th June 2022

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