How to Host the Perfect Summer Party

This summer most people are looking forward to hosting and entertaining guests at home at some time or other, and whether your outdoor space needs a total revamp, or just a few new touches to complete the look, we have some ideas that will help make entertaining at your home easy, and a huge hit with your guests. 

The first thing most people offer when guests arrive is a drink, but how fantastic would it be to lead guests over to your new home bar stationed inside or out depending on the weather… and to offer them a signature cocktail?! You don’t have to be an expert mixologist either, but having few basic ingredients and some simple recipes you can add a little fun and sophistication to you event. Add a little extra engagement by allowing your guests to create their own cocktails or mocktails! Leave a few recipes out for your guest to try. People love to explore new things and share their knowledge, and now as the host, you are freed up to enjoy the company of your other guests. A good home bar creates an easy conversation starter and an inspiring centre piece to your party, which will be the talk of the town for months to come. 

If you and your guests are wine drinkers, stand a wine rack, a selection of wine glasses, corkscrews, and an ice bucket on the kitchen island or the garden table and encourage guests to pick and pour the wine of their choice. Whites and Rose’s should be chilled before being placed in the rack or set them into a bucket of ice so they stay cold throughout the event. How about a few food pairing nibbles? Tomato based canopies with Italian wines, seafood with Pinot Grigio (always check for guest allergies!), cheese for Rose and bubbly such as Prosecco …you get the picture!

A home bar is also a fun touch for a children’s party. Swap the alcohol for juices, non alcoholic mixers, sodas, and maybe even some sweeties, and the kids will have a fantastic time mixing up a concoction of their own. Or you can do the mixing and each child gets to select the ingredients and the name in turn. The group can have a little sample in dixie cups and vote on their favourite. Believe us, it is an enormous hit… we have tried it!

If you are planning an all day event outside, picking up some sun beds to relax on and parasols to provide shade is a fantastic ways to encourage your guests to kick back and stay a while. Loungers are great for their versatility, some people like to use them like an arm chair and others will want to lay down and soak up some sun. Loungers really set the mood for a relaxing summer gathering, so if you’re planning on having lots of guest around this season, they are definably a seat option to consider.

For the shade lovers amongst us an umbrella will provide a little relief from the heat of the midday and afternoon sun. Creating shade is particularly important if you have toddlers or infants in your group or elderly members who are more vulnerable to overheating. 

Whether you are planning on serving a full meal for your guests, or looking for a place where your friends and family can sit and chat, creating an outdoor dining space is a fantastic option. 

We recommend outdoor dining sets, which now come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and materials to fit your space, and decor. Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the weather, so as long as it’s good quality and cared for following the manufacturers instructions, it will provide a comfortable gathering place for many years to come… and if you are looking for an outdoor kitchen vibe that will really impress, a moveable free-standing kitchen island would be perfect… and after the party you will have more counter space in your kitchen for every day use. Alternatively, if your kitchen is not too far form the back door, you can install an island to use as the serving area for mains and desserts where it will be protected away from the heat and interested insect life! The convenience of having an extra space to put dishes or have people serve themselves is enormous.

An outdoor rug can help define spaces wether you have a small or large patio, and at the same time providing a lovely cosy element to a garden dining or sitting areas. It will add a high end look to your outdoor seating.

However you choose to decorate, this summer we hope that you have lots of fun in the sun… and most of all relax and enjoy!

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5th July 2022

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