We all know that humans are highly visual creatures which means that if you want to gain and keep people’s attention and have them coming back again and again, you need to offer them something visually attractive and stimulating that they will remember. Peter Green will work with you to create a stunning environment that will surely give your guests something to write home about. Great hospitality is as much about comfort as it is style and you are in great hands with us because we have both at our finger tips.

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Flooring isn’t boring, comfort is key...

Finding the right flooring and furniture for hospitality areas can be a complicated and time consuming business, especially when you take into account the health and safety and durability aspects of the furnishings you choose. Let us help you avoid the exhaustion of you renovating project and together we will design safe and hard wearing rooms that make a picture-perfect retreat for your guests.  We can provide and fit everything  from the pictures on the walls to the floor beneath your feet and we will work all hours to get it done seamlessly so you will not miss a beat. On time and on budget that’s the Peter Green way.

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