Earth Day 2022: Giving the Earth a Helping Hand

19th April 2022

On April 22nd the world will be celebrating its 52nd Earth Day. The inspiration behind this annual event was one Senator Gaylord Nelson, who in the 1960’s decided to dedicate himself to helping protect the environment after witnessing the devastating effects of an oil spill on the Californian coast. 

Nicknamed the “Conservation Governor,” Nelson started reforms in his native Wisconsin to clean up waterways, protect natural resources and create green jobs and green spaces for the public to enjoy. In 1970, inspired by Vietnam War protests, Nelson organized his own nationwide grassroots demonstration to promote conservation involvement and to raise awareness of the importance of long-term ecological sustainability. Soon the idea went global…as Earth Day.

Even if you are not going to be involved in an Earth Day celebration this year there is much you can do that day and everyday to support the environment…

  • Plant trees - trees are the lungs of the world, they provide essential oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Their roots also stabilize the soil preventing erosion and their leaves shade the ground, preventing evaporation of life supporting water.  
  • Enquire about sustainability - If you like wood products such as wooden furniture and wooden floors then don’t forget to ask where that wood was sourced. Ask about sustainability and about official certification. Bamboo (although not technically a tree) is a great choice for flooring and furniture, while seagrass and jute are now popular floor coverings that are also great eco-friendly materials.  
  • Plant a garden with native species - plants that are indigenous to our area will provide food and shelter for wildlife. Native plants promote biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage. Native plants are beautiful, some speccies you might want to consider include: woodland ferns, yew, holly, beech, silver birch trees and box hedging. Sea thrift, valerian, primrose, snakes head fritillary, Chaddar pinks are a few of a long list of beautiful indigenous flowers that will infuse colour into your flower beds. 
  • Recycle  and compost - You know what to do here. Make sure your recyclables… paper, plastics, glass and metals go in the right bin and your compostables go either on your own compost heap or in your curb-side pick up bin. This will not only save on world resources but also means less in the landfills. If you have your own compost you can also nourish your flowerbeds with all that lovely home grown soil.
  • Go for recycled products - when you buy for your home opt for items that are made from materials that have already lived at least one life. There are carpets, beds and bedding these days made from recycled plastic bottles that are spun into soft fibres which rival the most sumptuous natural materials. Big, traditional brands like Ercol furniture are almost expected to include sustainable pieces in their ranges, but we find even smaller manufacturers now have eco-friendly products on the menu. Our very own ‘Sequal’ Mattress, made exclusively for Peter Green by a nearby family-run bed Manufacturer, is a great example of what individuals can achieve when we collaborate on a shared vision. This model is now rolling out under a different guise to other independent retailers around the country. Well done Peter Green buying team!
  • Go for furniture and flooring that lasts - One way of helping save the planet is to select quality, durable products will last and will not end up at the dump. In the long run it will be better on your pocket too.   
  • Conserve water - we all need it and there is not enough. Take fewer baths, replace with more showers and shorten the length of yourtime in the cubicle! Don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth and make sure the washing machine and dishwasher are fully loaded before you run them. 
  • Look for LED lamps - they will not only cut your electricity bill but will save on the world resources of oils and gas

And on the subject of homes, make sure you provide places for all our furry and buzzy friends to live in, such as bird, bat and bee boxes. Provide shelters for hedgehogs and cut tiny doorways in your fences to allow them to travel from one garden to the next. Birds, bats and hedgehogs will thank you by reducing the insect pest population on your property and the bees will return the favour by pollinating your plants.  

Peter Green works with its customers to help the world to go Green. We listen to your concerns and we are constantly trying to source products that will have less impact on the environment. All of our wood products are sustainably sourced. Many of our blogs suggest and recommend recycling furnishings where ever possible and we are frequently spotlighted on the BBCs ‘Money for Nothing,’ upcycling TV show. We are keen recyclers ourselves and even our in-store coffee shop is focused on sourcing locally grown, quality ingredients which are produced in a more sustainable fashion.

This Earth Day, let’s work together to make a difference. 

19th April 2022

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