Getting Ready for Warmer Weather!

4th April 2022

While having your home all in order is something we instinctively want to do in the Spring, there is also a need to renew and refresh your place ready for the warmer months ahead! If this is what you are looking for we have a few quick fixes for you. 

 Spring is all about flowers… whether you prefer fresh cut, faux flowers or forced bulbs, bringing in a floral element will add so much life and vibrancy to your home. We recommend choosing flowers which tie in with your home colour palette or alternatively ones that add contrast by pulling in some fun new colours for your spring home refresh.  

If you have access to a garden you can cut some spring branches. They might look like dormant twigs for a day to two but the warmth of the house will encourage the delicate leaves and blooms to come out. Gather bundles of twigs and tie them with raffia and place in glass vases to create table-scapes, or to liven up a blank space. They are perfect for adding height to your decor. Bunches of faux blossoms can look just as nice with the added bonus that they can always be put away ready for next Spring. 

Biophelia is the buzz word in decor this year. It means simply ‘bringing the outdoors in’. A fun way to add some elements of the outside to your rooms would be to purchase outdoor flower urns, baskets or your standard terracotta flowerpots and fill them with plants. The containers will add texture and really bring that refreshing new growth feeling to your home. You can also add other elements like classic galvanized watering cans and tin signs for the walls, with charming seed-packet illustrations to add that garden feel. Hang up a gardening apron with gloves tucked in the pocket, sun hat and welly boots by the kitchen door for a little drama. Adding functional decor will not only create a spring atmosphere, but it’s a great visual reminder for you to get planting!

New art work and accessories are another way to refresh your tired decor. They don’t have to be all about bunnies and flowers at all, just some new colours dotted around to spice things up. In a navy and white room you could choose analogous colours such as turquoise or maybe lime green or contrasting colours such as yellow, orange or red… don’t over do it though… a lamp, a few cushions and a vase would be enough. Or you can pull it all together in one spectacular abstract painting!

Throws, scatter cushions and blankets are a great way to add in new colours and patterns for the new season and will really change the whole look of a room. Look for bright, light and crisp colours, and for patterns such as florals, nature elements, birds, or gingham patterns. Work on one room at a time adding some coloured sheets for the bedrooms or guest rooms or some coloured and scented candles. For the living room you can tie throws and scatter cushions in with some coloured glass pieces, add some flowers or a wreath, and in the kitchen change your tea towels or table linens to weave some different colours through.

When choosing fabrics for spring, think of materials which are delicate and soft like a flower petal, and compliment them with a more textured organic looking loose weave fabrics. A great way to implement this would be to add some satiny or silky scatter cushions to your couch and to lay out a more heavily textured loose knit blanket or a natural fibre rug made from seagrass or jute. Mix it up with textured rattan and wicker furniture, which will not only work seamlessly with your spring refresh, they will look lovely year round.

So there you have it…lots of ways to renew and refresh your home ready for the summer without having to spend too much money… which means you can save it for all those lovely outdoor plantings and perhaps some new garden furniture! 

4th April 2022

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