Good Dining Room Layouts: The Key to Dining Room Success!

Dining rooms have made a big comeback in the last year. The pandemic has perhaps brought back family style eating into play and entertaining at home has made the once ‘out dated’ dining room table a much sought after space. Probably the reason why the dining room fell out of favor was that in the past they were not always developed as places where you would want to spend much time. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you create an eating space where you will want to sit, unwind and share a meal with family and friends.
The formal dining room 
The formal dining room is a room that is dedicated solely to dining. The dining table is the focus of the whole room so it is worth choosing well to set the right tone. Glass and metal and concrete tables lend themselves to a more contemporary setting, where as wood can go either way from traditional farmhouse, through early Scandinavian such as Nathan to a more modern Scandi look provided by manufactures such as Ercol and Skovby. The traditional dining room would normally have an oval or rectangular table that seats six. Many people opt for an extendable table that when opened up can accommodate eight, and if the room and table is big enough twelve or more. If you are stuck with a table you don’t like, consider painting it with chalk paint or invest in stylish table cloths and runners to give the room a whole new look. A key element of a formal dining room is a sideboard or credenza in which, table linens, china and sliver ware can be stored, but be mindful to keep the space open and functional. Too much furniture can make the area cramped and reduce the enjoyment of mealtimes. Really test out the chairs you buy, comfortable padded of cantilevered chairs will keep your guests at the table longer. Consider mixing and matching the seating as this can remove the ‘boardroom’ feel and give a more casual eclectic look to the setting. Your chairs also offer an opportunity to bring some colour and excitement into the room and there are some really funky designs and vibrant velvet chairs around at the moment that are also very easy to clean with a damp sponge. Stressless make reclining dining chairs, which will surely help your guests sit back and relax. Be sparing with ornaments to keep the space feeling open, but do add candles and flowers for a little romance. A mix of fabrics and textures adds interest, especially if you have opted for a monochrome palette. Hanging a mirror or a collection of mirrors will to add beautiful light and make they room feel bigger too. Paintings, prints and metal wall art will add interest and can be used to bring the colours in the room together. Don’t be afraid to add colour to the walls or floors. Blues, grey and muted pinks and greens are on trend at the moment, with white wood work and moldings. Dimmable lighting sets the mood for a dinner party, alternatively use table and standard lamps to add to the ambiance. An area rug beneath the table adds colour, comfort and a feeling of luxury beneath your guests feet.
The walk through dining room
Round dining room tables lend themselves well to walk thorough dining space where two doorways on opposite sides of the room form a corridor from one part of the house to the other. A round table promotes circulation around the room and also makes conversation in larger groups easier. Consider a pedestal table which will allow for more legroom and can sit more people, more comfortably than a traditional table with four legs. Round tables usually sit four to six people and can be extended into an oval that will sit six to eight. If you are short on space make sure that the extension leaves for your table can be stored beneath the table top otherwise you will have to find somewhere to keep them and they can be quite big!  There is a very unique table produce by Skovby with a three leaf table top that can be rotated synchronously to a position that makes room for more for three extension leaves (stored inside the central pedestal base) to spring mechanically into place, forming a circular table with a much bigger radius. 
Living room and kitchen combos
When space is at a premium we cannot always have one room set aside solely for dining. When this happens we often end up with the dining table at one end of the living room or kitchen. In this situation again a round or oval table would be a good idea as they are more easy to navigate around than a square one. A bay window in either of these rooms makes for an excellent opportunity to create an eating nook. Maybe an even better choice for a living room would be to purchase a drop leaf table with gate legs. The flexibility of this option is a fantastic space saver. When folded it forms a console that can be placed against the back of a sofa or a wall on which to place a lamp or a few ornaments. For everyday meals one flap can be opened to form a small table for a causal meal for two or three people. When more guests come round the whole table can be pulled out to seat up to six people. What a wonderful space saver that is! In a kitchen setting a more robust farm house style or butcher block table can double up as a food prep area. In both situations the extra seating needed when you have more people over can be in the form of benches and chairs that can be used in other parts of the house. Another alternative is folding or stackable chairs that can be stored out of sight, the whole idea being to keep the space multi use and flexible. So there you have it, three dining solutions for three styles of living and a variety of budgets. 
Now, you have no excuses not to entertain once indoor dining restrictions are lifted! 
Bon appetit!

Getting ready for the Great Cook ‘IN’!

Come May it looks like we will be able to have friends and relatives swing by our homes and come inside for the first time in what feels like forever! Eating out in a restaurant in the way that we were used to is probably a long way off either by personal choice or if restrictions persist, but having people over is a great second best! So it looks like entertaining at home will be the flavour of quite a few months to come. Having larger groups of people in our homes means a little creativity and a lot of flexibility on the dining room furniture front. With that in mind we have gathered together a few tips and tricks that might help you organize your space for entertaining. 


  • Flexibility with tables is an absolute must. Choose a dining room table which is extendable if your place allows. Ideally go for a table whose extension leaves are stored beneath the table top rather than having to keep them in a cupboard and haul them out each time you have people over.


  • Ever thought of getting two tables? Two small square tables of equal height can offer a lot more flexibility. One can be used in the dining room another in the den, kitchen or breakfast room and then when folks come over they can be put together to make one big table or used separately as an adults table and a kids table, which is always fun for the kids and the adults alike!


  • If you don’t normally eat at a dining table and would rather use that space for other activities then a drop-leaf table might be for you. Opening with gate legs to a full sized table the drop leaf is slim and easy to move through doorways when not in use. When it is closed it forms a useful console for a narrow hallway or behind a sofa on which to put a lamp and some knick-knacks.


  • Chairs can be a problem if you have a lot of people over. You never really have enough of them… yet who wants lots of chairs cluttering up the place when the guests have gone home? One solution could be stackable chairs that can be put in a cupboard or the garage. There are some really nice mid-century modern ones around right now, with molded seats and a little padding for comfort. They are really inexpensive and some come upholstered in fabric, easy clean velvets and faux leathers. Some are very bright and can add a cheery ‘pop’ of colour contrasting nicely with your regular set.


  • How about a bench? You can get them to match any style of room in wood, metal or a combination of both and they can be upholstered in leather, fabric, velvet and come with or without backs… almost any which way you want, and they are sooo versatile! You can move a bench around easily, store it beneath the dining table when not in use, place in the living room as extra seating or even use it in a hall way. A good long bench will seat three. Buy two for either side of the table or just one for a more eclectic mix with regular chairs.


  • No room for a table at all? Then you can always serve simple buffet meal in the living room. This is when a couple of sets of nested tables would come in very handy and there are some pretty modern renditions of this old favorite around these days. Team them up with a serving trolly or a coffee table on which to lay out the food and you are all set.


  • Still looking for table space? Try a supper table. What a clever idea this is. Essentially a coffee table whose top can be raised to form a table which is not only great for company but also for the odd TV dinner or working on your laptop while sitting on the sofa. 


Convenience, flexibility and minimum effort are the keywords to entertaining. Having to spend a lot of time organizing places for people to sit down and eat can be down right exhausting and detracts from the food prep and enjoyment oof the occasion, leaving the host exhausted frazzled even before the guests arrive. With a little thought and planning you can have your house adapt to any influx of visitors smoothly and quickly. We hope you have enjoyed these tips and have an enjoyable rest of the year sharing with family and friends.


Mi casa su casa!

Stay Safe, Shop Safe!

Well, what an enormously long journey the Pandemic has been for all of us and how quickly we all began to adapt! Eighteen months ago words and phrases like quarantine, self isolation, Covid 19, Zoom, Skype, flatten the curve and sanitize were not part of the general lexicon and ‘stay safe’ would have seemed an odd way to end a conversation.  Even elbow ‘hand shakes’ and mask wearing may have seemed like ridiculous activities as well as standing six feet apart. And, if anyone had told us that we were all going to have to stay at home and not go anywhere, even to visit friends and family for almost a year, I don’t think we would have believed it. Or relished the idea. Yet, here we are and we have done it!


Obviously we are not quite out of the woods yet and there are still a number of question marks hanging in the air… but we can pretty much see and taste our freedom on the horizon. Freedom to shop, freedom to visit friends and go to public places and eventually the freedom the travel again.


As a nation and as a world we have done pretty well and pulled together to solve the problem of a Pandemic on a scale that most of us could never have imagined. Putting aside the sadness of the situation there are a number of positive changes that have come about as a result. Online meetings have taken the place of face to face meetings and many people have worked at home and this in itself has given the natural world time to heal from the toxic gasses emitted from our vehicles and transport systems. Bicycles have become a popular form of transport and the use of the outdoors has led to better health and improved lifestyles. Family units have become closer, and some people of shy dispositions have even enjoyed mask wearing and the anonymity it brings and have used that mechanism to grow in confidence.


The pandemic has changed how we see the world and in the furniture industry we are seeing a huge trend to bringing the ‘outdoors in’, not just in customer’s homes but especially in the public places and offices we serve, because for the first time the workforce at large has been able to experience the outdoors for longer periods of time…and we like it. Ironically there is also a move to bring the indoors out as people have had time to enjoy and furnish their gardens. Another trend largely born of the pandemic is to make our homes cleaner, safer, more comfortable and to migrate these comforts into new or improved home working spaces. We have all been at home a long time and mostly… we like it.

The increase in ‘staycations’ has led to holiday accommodations fundamentally changing too, with many of us now preferring a safer home away from home experience, rather than visiting larger hotels which are naturally harder to keep hygienic due to bigger crowds. Offices, shared working spaces and the way they function have most likely changed forever too. Conscious decisions have been made by many organizations to furnish and floor these areas with flexible, cleanable, easy to sanitise furniture and flooring, which is less likely to trap viruses and allergens.


At a company level we too had to adapt in the way we conducted our business. Long before the first lockdown ended last Spring, we put in industry-leading safe measures of working, over and above those recommended by the government, for the safety of our customers and our team… keeping a safe distance, limiting the number of people in a given space, one way systems in the store and our warehouses to avoid the pinch points, mask wearing and frequent sanitizing of hands and common touch points. These processes and safety procedures should be commonplace in retail now, but sadly this is not always the case. Working with our contractors and listening to customer feedback, we have also developed safe working systems for deliveries and floor fittings which really works. You can read about  our systems here. Even though we are getting closer to the point where most people will be vaccinated we will still have to continue to be vigilant and work in this way even when we reopen as we all know that to be vaccinated does not necessarily mean you are covid free.


During the lockdowns we were able to do a little business. The construction industry has remained open and has kept our Commercial Contracts Department pretty busy. Certain domestic flooring work is also considered ‘essential’ where customers’ safety is potentially at risk from poor floors, so during the months our doors have been closed we have been able to make socially distanced house calls with samples and help our customers repair and replace their essential flooring needs. Many have liked it so much that we intend to continue to offer our ‘at home’ appointments and product demonstrations for those who would like them. A short conversation online or on the phone gives us all we need to bring the right samples to your door and there is nothing like seeing the flooring you intend to buy actually in your home before it is fitted. Same goes for our online presence which not only serves as a shop widow for us but also as an online store, and our click and collect facility has been ever popular with loyal customers and new ones alike.


We have also been able to serve customers that have special needs as far as furniture is concerned with our wide range of mobility products such as lift and rise chairs and adjustable beds and some of these we have served through video conferencing or private one to one ‘covid-safe’ appointments with strict safety measures in place. In a nutshell the pandemic has brought to us new ways of trading that we had never thought of before and new ways of serving our customers, many of which will serve us well in the years to come. Having said that… we too cannot wait to open our doors again and see your friendly faces… even with masks on! We hope that you won’t hesitate to come and see us and browse our exciting new season ranges in our Grand Re-Opening Sale, starting Monday April 12th. We have all the best practices put in place to keep you safe while you shop in our expansive showrooms and the whole team in our ‘Peter Green family’ take regular lateral flow tests to ensure we continue to protect each other and our customer friends. Your safety is important to us… see you soon!

Emily Stressless Sofa

About our Stressless furniture range

Stressless furniture
Stressless furniture Hampshire
Stressless furniture Eastleigh
Stressless furniture UK

We are proud stockists of Stressless, a Scandinavian furniture brand that combines stylish design with unrivalled comfort.

Exceptional craftsmanship

The Stressless collection includes elegant sofas, chairs and recliners that offer unrivalled comfort honed by generations of expert craftsmanship. A firm favourite of Peter Green customers, there are several different Stressless ranges to suit all styles and homes. From Windsor high back sofas for ultimate lumbar support to the retro-modern Metro range offering eye-catching recliners in a range of colours, one thing all Stressless furniture has in common is comfort.

Each piece of furniture is designed to perfectly contour your body. Stressless sofas and chairs combine design innovation with luxury fabrics or leather, for optimal levels of support and comfort. As well as chairs, we also stock a range of Stressless ottomans – perfect as both a footrest and a stylish storage solution.

Styles to suit all spaces

The Stressless range features beautiful designs that can complement a range of spaces. A contemporary Tokyo recliner might make a perfect addition to a stylish home office, while a Reno chair and footstool could add a touch of luxury to your living room or even a cosy reading nook.

Delivered straight to you

Every item of our Stressless furniture is delivered by our team of in-house delivery experts. Our friendly, experienced team will not only greet you with a smile but will ensure that your furniture arrives in pristine condition. We believe that beautiful furniture will be cherished for years to come, which is why we are committed to providing the highest standards of care and attention when delivering your new furniture.

Get in touch

At Peter Green, we offer a stunning selection of furniture and other home accessories to customers across the South and Isle of Wight. To find out more about the Stressless range, please get in touch with us on 02380 269011.

G Plan furniture

About our G Plan furniture range

G Plan sofas
G Plan furniture UK
G Plan furniture Eastleigh
G Plan sofas Hampshire

At Peter Green, we proudly stock G Plan sofas and chairs. This British brand uses premium fabrics and leathers to create beautiful, comfortable furniture.

Quality and comfort

G Plan sofas and chairs are designed for ultimate comfort and come in a range of fabrics and styles to complement all tastes. At Peter Green, we stock both manual and power recliners, as well as armchairs with power footrests. For convenience and support that doesn’t compromise on style, G Plan furniture offers something for everyone.

We stock a wide range of sofas to suit spaces of all different sizes – from compact 2-seaters to large, sprawling corner sofa. The Spencer range includes a chaise that features built-in storage, for a clever yet stylish storage solution. Whatever you need from your new sofa or chair, we have something that’s perfect for you. Every piece of furniture is available in a range of different fabrics or leather, as well as a selection of sizes, features and layouts, including right/left-hand corner sofas, power/manual recliners, and two/three-seater options.

Every piece of G Plan furniture is designed with ergonomics in mind, creating sofas and chairs that cater to every desire, from luxurious lounging to firm support. Using only the finest materials, every chair and sofa is as lovingly finished on the inside as it is on the outside. Each piece is filled with quality springs and premium fillings, while load bearing areas are made from responsibly sourced hardwood.

Delivered by our expert team

Every item of our G Plan furniture is delivered by our team of in-house delivery experts. Not only will you be greeted by a friendly member of the Peter Green delivery team, but you can be guaranteed that your furniture will arrive in pristine condition. We believe that your new piece of furniture will become a beautiful focal point in your home, which is why we’re committed to delivering it with care.

Get in touch

At Peter Green, we offer a stunning selection of furniture and other home accessories to customers across the South and Isle of Wight. To find out more about the G Plan range, please get in touch with our friendly team on 02380 269011.

The Aura of Amtico!

Amtico luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) make a room warm, inviting and attractive. A flexible flooring option that offers significant benefits over natural or traditional flooring. 


Durable and tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and resistant to damage including scratches dents and staining, LVT is also comfortable underfoot.


Perhaps the most amazing quality of Amtico is its flexibility which allows you to create your dream home in countless ways. Amtico tiles are cut individually which allows for them to be mixed and matched and laid in a myriad of designs and patterns. Our customers have mixed wood finishes with ceramic tiles or stone finish to create their own unique look. 


Amtico’s LVT has a unique Multiple Performance Technology the crowning glory of which is its Quantum Guard urethane layer. Quantum Guard being the most durable urethane on the market today. Not only does it protect but its low-gloss finish also enhances the realism of these natural-looking products, at the same time making them easier to clean and eliminating the need for polish. 


Amtico has both retail and  commercial collections which span the gambit from natural wood, real stone and ceramic tile finishes… and at Peter Green we have it all!


Azure, is a Victorian inspired pattern from Amtico‘s Signature Collection that has always been a favorite of mine. Each individually cut and bevelled tile gives the look and charm of real ceramic tile but has the warmth, durability and sound proofing qualities of Luxury Vinyl Tiles.


It was also the designer’s choice for the hallway (pictured here) that was sourced, supplied and fitted by the Peter Green Commercial Contract Team in a beautiful Brockenhurst property. The Signature Collection would in fact be fantastic in any room to my mind… but is especially suitable for a kitchen, laundry room, conservatory or anteroom.


Now that’s magic! That’s Amtico!

Peter Green: Doing What Comes Naturally!

We are thrilled to announce that natural materials are all the rage these days as we are seeing a tremendous up swing in the demand for sustainable, eco-produced materials across both our flooring and furniture departments. It seems that ecologically conscious trendsetters are on a mission to combine both an eco-friendly lifestyle with their love of nature… their desire is to bring the warmth and earthy elements of the outside in, creating beautiful natural spaces that are also easier on your health.


Sourcing new ways to bring the natural world into the home is nowhere more evident than in the flooring industry. It’s true that the beauty of real wood floors is undeniable but these days people are pushing the ‘traditional light oak’ to one side and plumping for the vibrant rich tones and luscious graining of maple, cherry, birch and exotic hard woods. Bamboo, hemp, jute and seagrass are three other natural fibers that have hit British floors running and we agree with our eco-seeking customers when they tell us that there is nothing like the feel and warmth of naturally harvested materials beneath your feet.


Natural things are all about texture, grain and fascinating irregularities, which to many minds far exceeds the appeal of the colour and glitz of synthetic surfaces… but that is not to say that you can’t combine them both with a little skillful thought and planning. This only goes to show that naturally harvested materials, which are found everywhere, can be happily placed anywhere to create a sense of harmony in your home.


Wool is widely used in our industry and is highly prized for its resistance to staining and burning and noise regulating properties. Pure wool carpets are a popular choice and some even depict patterns drawn from the natural world in their designs (Brintons timorous beasties). One or two carpet companies even have their own sheep farms from which they gather their own home grown materials.


Mattresses are another area where natural rank high on the list and one or two bed companies also have their own farms producing plant materials such as hemp, cotton, and flax and animal fibers. Combined these with metal springs and sometimes foam and you have a mattresses that regulates heat, wicks moisture and provides support and comfort for a wonderfully natural nights sleep.


Leather must not be left off the list as it provide a marvelously breathable, soft yet robust upholstery material, that with proper treatment will last for years. The look of leather is unmistakable as is its signature smell. Our most popular leather purchases are a range of sleekly designed recliners and sofas with a strong Scandinavian influence and oodles of comfort… and of course with leather comes an abundance of colour…. from autumnal natural hues through to summery poppy and cornflower reds and blues. 


The great thing about wood is its versatility. We have cabinetry that ranges form rustic to modern and everything in between. There is something to suit all homes and of course it will do very well with all the other natural choices that you have made for your space. This time honored material never ceases to bring warmth, strength, durability and beauty to the table as well as natural charm. And did you know that wood can also be bent? One of our most popular British brands uses the shavings from the workshop floor to fuel their steam presses to shape each piece… now that’s recycling for you!


At Peter Green we are celebrating our customers’ leanings towards natural choices and your concern for your overall health and the environment. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are here to help steer you in the right direction whether it be stone, bone, metal, plant or animal fibers we can help you make the right ‘natural choices’.

An exciting interior design project on a Lightship…

hula lightship project g plan Peter green furniture flooring
hula lightship project g plan Peter green furniture flooring
hula lightship project g plan Peter green furniture flooring
hula lightship project g plan Peter green furniture flooring
hula lightship project g plan Peter green furniture flooring
hula lightship project g plan Peter green furniture flooring

Q. When is a Lightship not a Lightship?

A: When it becomes a Bed and Breakfast!

Well in a nut shell that is the story of Glouster’s Sula Lightvessel, but what has that to do with Peter Green? Well quite a lot lately as it happens…

The Lightvessel LV14 SULA was built in 1958 and she spent her working life stationed at the mouth of the Humber Estuary just off a narrow island known as the Spurn Sandbank. For twenty-six years she faithfully guided mariners safely through these tidal waters, until in1985 Sula was sent into retirement and was unceremoniously replaced by a navigational buoy.
After twenty years serving as a tourist attraction Sula wound up at Gloucester Docks where she became a well known land mark. But, life changed for Sula last year when Colin and Viv Brooks came cruising by and noticed the ‘For Sale’ sign posted on her wheelhouse. With a passion for life on the water, it was love at first sight for this couple from Winchester when they laid eyes on Sula’s scarlet hull… and the idea of turning her into a floating bed and breakfast was born.
In the last year Sula has undergone a transformation and as loyal customers of Peter Green, the Mr. and Mrs. Brooks turned to us for help. Colin explained “Our vision is to blend authentic restoration with more modern renovation to create a unique holiday suite and multi-functional event space.” 
Earlier this month we carpeted the sleeping quarters and hallways with a stunning Brintons City Plaids Axminster in the colour Kensington. We also laid a beautiful Amtico Click Smart  LVT floor in the living areas and guest rooms toward the stern of the vessel. “This is a stylish and versatile choice,” said Peter Green sales consultant, Bryan Minns, “it was a very good choice for this situation, being both easy to lay and hardwearing,” Colin and Viv chose Linden Oak which has the character and texture of real wood. “ We also fitted safety flooring and stair nosings to comply with health and safety standards,” said Andrew Hatton who also worked on the project. Ian Glister, Peter Green’s flooring installer had his work cut out when he came to fit the floors as they sloped right up into the walls and were in bad shape. He stayed on the boat for two weeks while he used specialised screeds to get the floors looking good. and ready for the luxury carpets and vinyl tile that had been chosen.
When the floors were finally finished it was time for the furniture. Solid oak bed frames and cabinets were selected for several bedrooms  and we supplied and a sumptuous, twin electric reclining G-Plan leather sofa for the upper deck TV room! All installed with the Peter Green white-glove service. (see video).
“This has been a amazingly interesting project,” said Peter Green General Manager, Mike Devey, who supervised the installation, “and we are not done yet.” In the future we will be helping to furnish and floor, the three bedroom guest apartment “for’ard” and will help interior design and fit-out the large multi purpose meeting/entertainment and cinema room in the belly of the ship.
Peter Green is in awe of the project that Captains Colin and Vivien Brooks have taken on board and we wish them and their resident Cocker Spaniels, Wilfrid and Whistler plain sailing with their maiden voyage into the land of hospitality. It has been a wonderful journey for us to help them get SULA ship shape again and ready for her new role/  At Peter Green we will keenly look forward to hearing of her adventures in the years to come. 

Bon Voyage LV14 SULA and all who sail within her!

5 steps to a safer office with Peter Green Commercial....

Crowded Offices are a thing of the past!

Peter Green Specialists will help get your office up and running…….safely!

Our consultants will give you Free advice on…

• Maintaining social distancing by clever use of furniture and flooring

• Suitability of existing office furniture, do you need wipeable chairs or easy to sanitise floors?

• Protecting your valued colleagues, are screens required?

• Organising  individual storage?

• Making your team safe and comfortable by carefully considering ventilation, signage and sanitiser points.

Contact our Accounts Manager Andrew Hatton on 07719 062 018 or email [email protected]

Peter Green can help you keep your distance!

Practically perfect in every way. The benefits of luxury vinyl flooring....

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has grown in popularity over the last few years. Most home owners are desiring an elegant flooring, which will last through the years, at an 

inexpensive price tag. Most home owners thought that it was impossible to tick all the boxes, until this latest innovation appeared on the market.

It is a type of vinyl flooring that is made in planks or tiles, rather than traditional sheet vinyl, which means that it can be laid down in endless designs and patterns. 

Current flooring trends are seeing custom flooring 

murals, as an accent to a room where a carpet or an area rug may not be suitable. LVT can also be laid in the ever so popular herringbone or parquet pattern, as well as check, or pretty much any pattern that would suit your home. 

LVT is made up of a series of layers which usually consist of: backing, stability, photograph, embossed protection layer, and a surface protection layer. The backing allows the tile to adhere securely to the subfloor, the stability layer helps the tile to resist indentation, the photographic layer is an HD which shows all of the texture, and 

beautiful colours of the material the LVT is imitating, the two protection layers, add depth and texture to the tile, while also protecting from chipping, scratching, denting or wearing. This type of flooring is far more durable than natural wood, stone or ceramic tile. 

At Peter Green, we offer a large selection of famous brands like Amtico, Distinctive Flooring, Vusta, Westex and even our own Hampshire Collection. LVT allows you the luxury of your dream flooring without the price tag, and it will last a lifetime… or until you discover your next flooring goals.