Buying the Bed of Your Dreams

7th March 2022

Do you wake up feeling fatigued and grumpy? Do you yawn a lot during the day or have difficulty focusing or remembering things?  Has your recent love life been…er, a little less full of love? Well, if your answer to any of these is yes, then it could be that you are suffering from lack of quality sleep and may even be unaware of it! Even if you don’t wake up during the night and you get to bed at a good time you may still suffer from sleep deprivation if you are not getting fully restful sleep. In essence a good night’s rest all boils down to what you are sleeping on. 

There is a myth among consumers that a hard bed is good for you and a soft one is not, but the firmness and type of bed one chooses has much more to do with your body weight, and your regular sleeping posture than anything else. In other words the wrong firmness of mattress for your individual body weight and sleeping position can seriously affect your spinal alignment and create back problems and restless sleep. In general it can be said that heavier individuals may need a firmer bed than lighter ones…although overall ‘comfort’ is also very personal to each of us.

You also need to take into account your sleeping style. Back sleepers will in many cases need a softer bed than side or combination (back, side and stomach) sleepers, while stomach sleepers will need something a little firmer. And what if you and your partner vary greatly in weight or in sleeping postures? Or maybe one of you is a hot sleeper and the other not so much? It get’s complicated doesn’t it?

But don’t worry, with a little questioning and an investment in quality time by you spent trying out beds and mattresses, a good bed specialist can help you determine the perfect balance for both partners, ensuring a good, restful night of deep quality sleep and allowing you to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for the day ahead!

So you can say goodbye to feeling lethargic and drowsy in the afternoon, falling asleep on the couch in the evening, needing to sleep late on weekends or even feelings of nervousness, anxiety and depression when you buy the right bed for you!

Discover the bed of your dreams and start enjoying life to the full!

7th March 2022

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