Bringing Coastal Living to the South Coast

16th May 2022

The South Coast of England is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live. Our three hundred or so miles of coastline forms a fascinating landscape for us to extract from. Think of the blue inlets and seaweedy coves, punctuated with dramatic cliffs of white chalk and buff sandstone, rising up to verdant grasslands…while our stunning beaches of yellow sands and grey pebbles provide us with a place to enjoy one of the sunniest spots in the country! And, on a cloudy day this fantastic pallet of coastal colours becomes muted into a tapestry soft greens and muddy blues and greys. 

Creating the ‘Coastal Look’ in your home is as simple as taking a few photographs. Just observe the beauty of where we live and take note of the simple lines, natural light, soft tones, and the clean aesthetics of our lovely coast and bring them inside. You will evoke the breeziness of the beach and your home will feel like summer all year round.

Paint soft tints, pretty pastels or white on the walls to reflect the light. Glass bowls and ornaments will also do the same thing. Select light wood for floors and furniture… reminiscent of pale, bleached drift wood. Introduce blues and blue-greens of all hues… all mixed together as they are in the ocean. Introduce some nautical stripes and motifs such as shells, nautical knotts, Yatchs and buoys… decorated with the real thing if you have them! 

Layer rope mats, seagrass rugs on top of wood or wood-look floors or go for dramatic Berber carpets which have a wonderfully pebbly texture. Add some pops of colour like yellow-green or mossy velvet cushions to suggest grassland and a little pink in the same hues as sea thrift and valerian or some brown seaweed tones… and you are almost there. 

Coastal living is all about the casualness of a seaside home that has evolved over the years, so don’t be afraid to have mismatched pieces of furniture. One or two rustic looking pieces in dark or painted wood would be evocative of boating life. Window treatments are important too, go for blinds or simple curtains with geometric designs or simple shapes such as fish, anchors and boats. A pale or navy blue sofa, bleach-wood TV unit, boat shaped bookcase or live-edge dining table are some of the key items you might consider along with a light oak cocktail cabinet or a display unit and sideboard made from driftwood. Accessorise with pictures of the ocean, nautical table centres and macrame pieces made form upcycled rope… and the scene is set.

Before you shop take a few shots of your favourite seaside places and create a moodboard of colours and textures to help you keep on task. Coastal living is easy living... easy on the eye, easy on the budget and even easier when you visit our Chandlers Ford Showrooms.

16th May 2022

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