Bold and Modern - A Stunning New Trend for 2022!

1st August 2022

Bold Modern is a charming fresh take on contemporary interiors, blending modern styles with an eclectic twist. Bold modern is being seen more and more these days and is definitely becoming the fashion for those who love contemporary and quirky styles and are looking to add some rich colour and excitement to their home spaces, while making them more fashionable. If you like present-day style for its clean lines, adding an eclectic piece or theme into to the mix can seem somewhat counterintuitive… but bold modern shows us that contemporary style can still be lively without feeling cluttered.

Bold Modern has a major focus on colour and we are seeing the modern trend of silhouettes now being energized with colours such as coral pinks, mustard, fuchsia, rich emeralds, petrol blues, tomato red, forrest green, and even some daring neons! These youthful colour palettes will spice up your space and allow your rooms to feel full of personality … without being choc full of ‘things’. 

Bold Modern has a huge focus on furniture pieces that are sculptural in nature, expressing the unconventional.

These ‘unexpected’ moments allows this style to work well in both more compact or more rectangular modern dwellings and older homes too. The blending of traditional character with modern pieces, and vibrant paint choices works together almost seamlessly to create a personal and inviting space. Choose an interesting colour palette to highlight fireplaces, wall murals and stair rails… and bring paint onto the floor, as well as paying attention to the ceiling colours. 

If you are looking to quickly add bold modern elements into your home then pick rugs with kaleidoscopes of colours, or audacious patterns like zebra or leopard print. Add interestingly shaped elements such as unique chairs, couches, or side tables. If you’re on a tight budget, buy some spray paint and transform picture frames, wall art, interesting figurines, or even lamps into funky colours. A little upcycling can go a long way here to produce fresh modern pieces!

Bold Modern elements can be added to many home styles, and we love it for its up to date simplicity, whimsy and versatility. Bold Modern will really allow you to have an on-trend space, even in smaller areas, filled with colorful charm and your own personal character!  

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1st August 2022

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