Be Our Guest! Organising the Guest Bedroom in Readiness for Christmas

The whole trick to enjoying Christmas is to start early! That way you will be relaxed by the time the big day comes.


If you are having guests stay over for the Christmas Holidays this is the time to give your guest room the once over, to ensure that your friends or family have a comfortable stay. If you haven’t had guests in some while the first thing to do is to check if the bed is okay. Is the mattress still good or is it lumpy, sunk in the middle or stained? Does the bed squeak or does it wobble? All these things can be off-putting for your guests and make them wish to be home in their own beds. If you do decide that you need a new bed or if you are in the process of creating a new guest room then this is the time to buy, as there are a lot of great deals around at the moment and there is still time for a new bed or mattress to be delivered before Christmas.  


If you have various different guests throughout the season, you could plump for a ‘one size fits all’ medium firmness mattress to keep everyone happy, though if you have regular visitors you could tailor the guest bed firmness to their individual need? Avoid foam filled mattresses that can make hot sleepers even hotter, unless of course it is a special cooling gel-infused foam and then you are okay.


Because the bed will only have occasional use then you don’t have to go ‘top-of-the-line,’ a budget priced mattress will be just fine. Choosing a bed can be baffling but you can click here for a few guidelines. If you want to save space an increase discrete storage a divan would be a good choice for you, as the bed knobs, posts, pillars and rails of a bed frame can consume a lot of extra room. However, bed frames can also add a lot of charm and character to your guest room, depending as to whether you go for wood, iron or upholstered.


If space really is a problem here are a few ideas.

A day-bed can double as a sofa when not in use, or a purpose built sofa-bed can allow you to create a multi-use room for sewing, media or for use as an office.


Under bed storage can also be useful and there are many beds available today that have storage drawers or lifting ottoman bases beneath the mattress. Or, how about a trundle bed… a single bed with a second mattress and folding legs stored below? This would be a great space saver for visiting couples or kids’ sleepovers.


Once the bed is sorted you can concentrate on the room itself. Make sure all the linens are washed and clean, spray a little lavender to make them smell fantastic, or maybe since its Christmas a little cinnamon or pine scent might be nice… but not too much!


Make sure the bottom sheet fits well and does not ride up and wrinkle, as there is nothing more annoying than finding the sheet in a ball at the bottom of the bed in the morning! Cotton percale sheets are cosy and there are some fantastic wintery designs about too. A couple of scatter cushions with Christmassy motifs will help set the scene. A tartan or faux-fur throw adds a little touch of rustic log cabin luxury. Twinkly fairy lights strung over the headboard or the dressing table mirror can also give a wonderfully magical ambience on a wintry night.


Think of what people might forget. A small hamper with bathroom essentials is a lovely touch and will help them out… add a sample mouthwash, soap, lotion, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Decorate the basket to with pine cones and ribbons. If you really want to pamper your guests you can also leave cosy slipper-socks on the bed for them to wear around the house and a couple of dressing gowns for when they go to the bathroom. If the bathroom has not been used for a long time it might also need a once over. You can refresh the toilet with this unique ‘life-hack’ – make a homemade “bomb” by mixing 8ozs of baking soda, with 4ozs of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. Toss a cube in the toilet just before your guests arrive and you will have an ultra-clean fresh smelling toilet, without spending lots on additional cleaning chemicals. Provide hand soaps and sanitisers and be sure to provide both hand and bath towels and of course a hairdryer is also useful. 


If you get all this done now you will be well on your way to a jolly holly Christmas!


Good luck!

15th November 2021

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