Texture is King!

Texture is the interior design buzzword which has become all the rage in 2021, yet somehow the concept feels elusive, hard to define… a ‘you’ll know it when you see it’ kind of idea. In this post we are going to unpack what texture is, and how to use it in your home.


To make things simple, texture is quite literally how an object feels and its visual perception. Virtually everything you own has texture to it, which is in part what makes the buzz word feel so hard to define. The key to understanding texture in interior decor is that using texture should be intentional, much like colours there are textures which complement each other, ones which are similar, and textures which may need something to help when harmonizing them with other pieces. Just as you wouldn’t paint a combination of colours on your wall without considering their relationship with each another, the same goes for the textures you choose.


Texture lends character to a room, and helps your personality shine through. For instance, if you’ve ever seen a piece of furniture set up nicely in a shop, and brought it home only find it’s missing that spark it had when on display, then what you are most likely missing texture… the textures of all the other things that were displayed around it in the store. A great way to figure out which textures you like and therefore which ones to introduce into your home is to think of what helps you feel cosy, relaxed and content. Where do you imagine yourself?  Imagine touching the things around you. Think of a few different scenarios and look for a pattern. This exercise will help you identify what textures you are drawn to and will really add a point of difference to any space you are furnishing.


One of the surest ways to add texture to a room is to have textured furniture. While furniture alone will not create the mood for you, using a large textual element like a chair, rug, dining table, carpeting, flooring etc. will create an anchor for all of the smaller accessories to harmonize with or playoff.

Texture is a way to create accents in a room… a shag-pile carpet, the carved front of a sideboard, a nubby boucle throw all add visual weight to a room. Contrasting textures are another way to go. Juxtapose a granite top dining table with soft velvet chairs and a sisal rug. Plush sherpa fabric is huge for upholstery this season and perfect for snuggling up by the fire. Its softness blends well with rustic oak flooring and an angle-iron coffee table with a polished glass top with a short silky piled rug beneath. Painted brick walls look fabulous as a backdrop to a leather sofa with course woven linen cushions. Be careful not to overlook your floors either. These days it is very on trend to mix carpeting and hard flooring such as vinyl tile or natural wood, to define different areas of the room. Some manufacturers are creating carpets that include a textural element too, by mixing loop plies with velvet finishes and they look fabulous.


Textures can create depth to a monochromatic colour scheme, add interest to bold colour palettes and make a house feel like home.


Don’t forget we are tactile creatures and the textures in our environment are all important, so next time you go furniture shopping… touch, feel, imagine and soon your home will come to life!

31st August 2021

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