Decor Mojo with a little Boho!

The number one rule for this ‘new’ Bohemian look (boho) is that there are really no rules at all, making it a perfect look for the free spirits amongst us! Boho Style is relaxed, colourful, carefree, inviting and yet a tad chaotic at times. This ‘anything-goes’ eclectic style appeals to the young and the young at heart alike!


While many might naturally think that this style is a brain child of the 1960s Hippie Movement, the Bohemian Style actually goes back further to 19th Century Paris, and was first attributed to the nomadic Romani people, who were ‘believed’ to be from Bohemia. The description quickly became used for anyone who lived a worldly, creative, or intellectual lifestyle in opposition, and rebellion to the French bourgeois middle class. During this time, writers, actors, poets and musicians began to populate the low rent neighbourhoods, which the Romani people occupied, and these creatives quickly became enamoured with their carefree, colourful, and nomadic lifestyle. This romanticized version of the Romani peoples culture quickly became known as Bohemian Style.


The Bohemian look is ever-changing, picking up elements from every nation and every decade along its journey and establishing an eclectic style that has resurfaced again and again since its conception.


While this style does not have rules per se, there are elements that you can incorporate into your home to tie together this wonderful nomadic style for your home. No two rooms should look alike but colours, textures and materials should flow through your home from one space to the next in a natural way.


There is a major focus is on texture. Bohemian Style is all about making things work that “shouldn’t.” Mix fine vintage silks with burlap, canvas and tapestry creating a collection of textures that harmonize as if they had been collected during a life time of travels, or just through the journey of life.

Textures don’t necessarily have to come from textiles either, they can be found in furniture, rugs, carpeting, and accessories that you choose. Keep an eye out for solid wood pieces, or furniture with intricate carving, or that have a worn painted wood look. Patchwork is also both textual and colorful and very Boho.


In a true Bohemian styled home the backdrop colour is white. White walls should be used to create visual space to add emphasis to your items. The colours seen in Bohemian spaces are layered and range from warm earthy tones, metallics and rich jewel tones. Deep browns, greens, and greys make for great staple colours, then accessorize with saturated purple, fiery orange, and electric blue. Combining and layering textures and colours is the key to making this unique style exciting.


Boho is  made for those of us who just love to be drenched in colour. So, be bold, be brave and create a little Boho mojo this season… you can’t go wrong!

8th November 2021

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