Surround Your Bar with Long Lasting Luxury

Naturally the bar is the heart of any pub, club or restaurant and as a consequence it experiences the highest amount of traffic in the establishment. If you are going to experience flooring wear, it will likely occur more noticeably on the flooring that immediately surrounds the bar, before it shows up anywhere else in the room. It therefore would make good economic sense to treat the flooring in this space a little differently and opt for flooring that is more durable for this area.  A change in flooring around the bar can also serve to delineate the area and indicates to customers where they should wait to be served, separating them from the rest of the room where people congregate and socialize.  


When you are selecting flooring for around your bar, you need a flooring solution that is not only aesthetically suited to the style of your establishment but one that can withstand everything your customers and staff are likely to hurl at it, which will include spillages, stains, stiletto heels, scratches from bar stools and wear from waiting staff, customers and regulars propping up the bar. Regular cleaning can also take its toll too.


Your bar area will most likely be a considerably smaller area when compared to total space of the room, so you can afford to invest in a top quality product such as Luxury Vinyl Flooring (or ‘LVT’) which will last. LVT has hardier characteristics than sheet vinyl flooring so it may be a sensible choice for you. LTV comes in vast array of designs ranging from imitating Victorian ceramic tiles to rustic farmhouse planks and everything in between. It will be easy to pick a style to compliment your interior scheme – or why not get creative and mix the tiles up for a truly bespoke look… further still you could even customize it with your own logo!


LVT’s toughness lies in its multilayer system of construction which adds to its durability. The upper surface has a special wear-layer increasing the clarity and life of the tile. The inter-core layers support the beautiful decorative film layer which lies on top. This layer is often textured to add to the realism of the product. Beneath the core lies the stabilizing backing layer

For commercial use with heavy traffic like a bar a 20 millimetre wear-layer is recommended compared to the 6-12mil used in light commercial traffic or domestic residential applications. A good LVT, which is well maintained, can last up to ten years before it needs refinishing and a lot longer than that before it needs replacing.


Because LVT has imperceptible joins – if it is properly fitted by specialists – is it therefore easy to keep clean, which is of particular importance in a public place these days. It is warm, noise resistant and easy on the feet too! The tightness of the joints between each tile means that debris is unlikely to get stuck.  Although not entirely impervious to large amounts of liquid, LVT is resistant to spillages and moisture of the kind that you would expect on a normal day in the bar area. In case of a mishap, it should be pointed out that tiles can be easily be spot replaced individually or even removed and dried-out in the case of a flood. It is always wise to buy a few extra tiles so that you are ready for any accidents that might happen.


If it’s good looks and a long life you are looking for… you can’t put a foot wrong with Luxury Vinyl Tiles around your bar!


26th October 2021

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