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The ‘70s are back! Are you ready?


There have been so many exciting new trends in 2021, many of which have been ignited by the global pandemic. On the home fashion front, it has been a year of looking back and nostalgia for both the ‘old days’ and for a simpler lifestyle. Today we are seeing many of these revival trends being intertwined with the beloved 1970s  ‘boho’ look which has taken homes by storm and is filling everyone’s social media feeds.


The ‘70s were a powerful point in time as far as design is concerned, but not everything that was spawned durning this era was wonderful. There might be a few things like mustard or avocado green bathtubs, heavily glazed medallion tiles everywhere and wall to wall carpeting in colours and patterns that would make you dizzy, that maybe should stay in the past for a little while longer? But the great thing about a revival is that we can pick and choose what we want to take and what we want to leave behind.


Incorporating ’70s home decor into your rooms can be as easy as incorporating a few accessories here or there…  fringed area rugs, vintage runners, Turkish killims or shag pile carpets would be the perfect soft addition to any room, adding both texture and warmth. Hanging furniture, such as egg chairs, hammocks, swings or wicker chairs are popular right now and even if you are in an apartment and unable to drill into the ceiling you can buy an attractive purpose made stand on which to hang your retro chair.


Rattan, cane and wicker are in vogue and a lot of these materials are being used for shelving, or for revamping vintage items. Their highly textured surfaces are a great way to add interest into a space without having to add loads of colour.

We are seeing a rejuvenation of the ‘70s colour palette too, as many have grown tired with the beige and grey that has had a stronghold on design for the last decade. Right now, people are looking for pieces to brighten up their space. Think of colours like harvest gold, burnt orange, hunter green, and dusty rose. These bold, yet muted colours make a great statement without being too bright and overpowering.


One of the fabric textures that has been with us for a while now, is velvet. It appears to have been a staple for a lot of trends, which is fantastic because it means that no matter how your style grows and changes, your velvet pieces can be pieces that you can hold on to for years to come. Modern velvet is easy to care for and can be found everywhere from sofas, armchairs, ottomans, dining chairs, headboards to throw pillows. They will add a luxurious glam to your room and look fantastic in bold colours. Animal prints; especially zebra, leopard and tiger are trending too, as are cow-hide floor mats. Cushions and curtains are flying off the shelves in seventies inspired fabrics and designs.


Sunburst mirrors and clocks add a touch of ‘70s flare to any room, making their initial comeback during the recent mid century modern revival. Items like this are another staple piece which will add fluidity to your decor and will continue to look great as your style transforms.


Along with the macrame wall hangings and plant hangers that we are seeing all over place, come the large potted ferns, cheese plants and rubber plants of ’70s fame. You can buy real plants but if your thumbs are not so green then opt for one of the stunningly realistic artificial plants that are on the market right now. Floral designs are also flourishing on living room and bedroom walls alike…as well as ‘70s geometrics which are in, in, in. Which just goes to show… it’s still hip to be square!


The ’70s is everywhere right now. Are you ready?

25th October 2021

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