Be inspired: go back to black this season!

Black Friday is becoming a popular retail event because of American traditions. While it is unclear exactly how the tradition of Black Friday started,  is very clear that this season black is a hugely popular. Black is the classic statement colour to use in interior decor. Decorating with the colour black is for those who enjoy timeless luxury, boldness, and versatility in their home style.


This shade is produced by the absence of all light and creates high contrast with many other colours because of their nature to reflect plenty of light. From a decorating perspective black is a sleek statement which commands a room and creates a defined look. It can add visual weight and depth to a space which may be lacking, or be used to intensify textural details in that space.


Black has been a popular statement colour throughout the ages, from the gothic period in the 1150s, to art deco in the early 1900s and now in 2018 we are seeing a revival of this mysterious and dramatic colour, through the minimalist movement and many other popular home trends that are taking the world by storm.


Velvet, midnight, leather, lacquer… blacks are often used in decor as a way to emphasise texture in a room. Black can be used all over the home as an opulent and unique way to add drama and contrast, we are seeing it used today in beautiful leather accent pieces, like a sofa, a footstool or in modern and chic metallic and glass accessories.


Black has also become very popular in flooring where it adds a timeless trendy touch to any room, black finishes on wood have been on trend this season. Black and white tile patterns have always been a ‘go-to’ look, no matter what style your home is. The best part of laying tiles is that there are so many unique patterns to choose from.


You can still incorporate black in your home without having to paint anything by using it as an accent colour, you can highlight certain areas or the lines of a room, black accessories like lamps and photo frames are another classic way to create dimension and visual interest in a space. If you are looking to add the luxuriousness of black accents and furniture, please be sure to see what Peter Green has in store for Black Friday.

6th April 2020

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