Counting on Sheep for a Good Nights Sleep

Deep sleep is as important for your mental wellbeing as it is for your physical health. Without it life can become pretty miserable.


Often the answer to a restful sleep lies in the mattress you choose.Some years ago hard mattresses were the vogue then the pendulum swung to products that molded to your form. Confusing….right? The upshot is that everyone is different and that is why, when you are searching for a good nights sleep you must come to a bed specialist like Peter Green.


You can count on sheep when you sleep on a Somnus bed. The interiors are filled with sumptuous layers of wool, mohair, hemp and flax grown on their farm in the Yorkshire Dales. Natural fibres create resilience, breathability and aid temperature control. When combined with Somnus’ Sensa intelligent pocket springs you have the perfect solution for a nourishing night’s rest.


In contrast Mammoth’s medical grade foam mattresses, designed by a leading physiotherapist to improve the wellbeing of Olympic athletes, provide advanced support technologies that deliver both comfort and rejuvenation. You can also sail into a ‘zzz’ filled night with Vi-Spring’s revolutionary, handmade pocket-sprung mattresses.


Pioneered in 1901,  Vi-Spring beds graced the opulent cabins on board the Titanic. Today  Vi-Spring’s handmade-to-order beds crafted in their Devonshire workshops recreate a modern version of the luxury of yesteryear for a ‘first class’ sleep. Peter Green has a huge range of beds and a very knowledgeable sales team. So rest assured, when you visit us we will have you waking up on the right side of the bed every morning!

6th April 2020

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